300 Word Posts @ FutureProof

Hi, I’m Adam, thanks for being here. I’ve been told in the past (a lot actually, you know who you are) that some of my blog posts can be a little… well, not little, really long in fact. Although that has it’s place, for super in-depth topics, some people prefer a shorter read. So here it is… the 300 Word Blog. There will always be links at the end for a deeper article and share buttons here at the top. Enjoy.

“You build the Website, what do I do?”

Every client is different, and of course, every website is different, having said that, they all have similarities. A website can be broken down into three; the images, the text and the design (how the images and text are displayed). Every client has an input in these three areas, to a greater or lesser degree. In this post I'm going to take each and outline what I require from a client in order to produce their best possible website...

What is SEO…?

What is SEO...? Most people who run websites want them to rank as highly as possible in the search results for the search terms/keywords that matter to their business, the searches that bring in new customers. Search rankings don't just happen by accident, it's a process, it takes time, effort, knowledge and experience. We call this process SEO or Search Engine Optimization...