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“You build the Website, what do I do?”

New clients always have a lot of questions about their new website, too many to answer in a single 300 word post. In this post I'll try to cover 3 of the most important; images, text & design.

Every client is different, and of course, every website is different, having said that, they all have similarities. A website can be broken down into three; the images, the text and the design (how the images and text are displayed). Every client has an input in these three areas, to a greater or lesser degree. In this post I'm going to take each and outline what I require from a client in order to produce their best possible website.

Hi, I’m Adam, thanks for being here. I’ve been told in the past (a lot actually, you know who you are) that some of my blog posts can be a little… well, not little, really long in fact. Although that has it’s place, for super in-depth topics, some people prefer a shorter read. So here it is… the 300 Word Blog. There will always be links at the end for a deeper article and share buttons here at the top. Enjoy.

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Images - Tell the story of your business in pictures

It’s not just wedding photographers that need to take a lot of pictures during the course of a working day. Almost every business should be taking a lot of pictures, and I mean a lot !! I can build your website with placeholders and stock images that I have, but that’s not going to land you new customers. Not just your website, but your social media profiles as well, need constant updating with fresh, high quality images.

This may be daunting at first, but start small. Try taking one picture per day, of the work you produce or a product you sell, and make it a good one. Post this image to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with a description and link to a relevant page on your website. If your website is updated every week or every month these images will do just fine. From the time of my very first email with a new client I’m talking about images with them. I need lots of them, and they need to be in their large, original format.

Text - For your customers AND for Search Engines

Next on the list is text. Every website has text, it serves two purposes. First and obviously it tells the reader about your business, the products you sell or the services you provide. Images draw attention, and of course they are very important, but it’s the text that makes somebody click “buy now” or pick up the phone to make an appointment. The text must be detailed but also concise, and it must be easily digestible, not too technical.

Second, the search engines read it. They don’t understand images or design very well, but HTML code, or text to you and me, that they understand. If Google can read your text, understand it, and it’s good, then you will rank for the term that page describes. If not, you won’t, and that means… no customers.

Of course, I would help with this as much as I can, but nobody knows your business better than you, who better to tell people about it. Imagine you are describing your business to a stranger, that’s the text for the homepage. Describe each service you provide or product you sell, each product and/or service will have it’s own page. Add a little about why they should choose your business, what are the benefits to them.

Find websites that you like... and dislike.

Building a website is a collaboration between a business owner and a web designer. If this working relationship is successful, the project will be successful and the website will, in turn, be a success. It’s vital, maybe not right away, but as the process unfolds, that I understand what a client wants to see when they look at their website. These days, and for many year in the future it will be the number 1 advert for their business.

The fastest, the easiest, and in many ways, the best way to do this is for the client to go on the hunt for what they like, and what they don’t like, in terms of websites. It’s amazing how much I can learn from 10 links and a short comment; “I like the way this site looks,” or “this website sells the same products as me, but I don’t want my site to look like this.”

Useful Links & Further Reading

Thanks for reading this post. If you enjoy this topic, the links below lead to more in-depth content from this website and others that I trust and respect from around the internet. Once again thanks for being here and see you next time.

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