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About Adam Bermingham

Hi, my name is Adam Bermingham, and I run FutureProof Digital. I thought I’d tell you a little about myself. Hopefully we’ll be working closely together in the future.

I started my working life as a teenager in the antiques trade, Essex in the 1990s. I learned a lifetime of knowledge there, about running small businesses, about selling, about marketing. There wasn’t really an internet in those days, not what we have today anyway, this was good old fashioned business. I also learned that I wanted to spend my life running a business, maybe not antiques, but something.

I moved to Ireland in 2004 and started work for my Dad, in his painting and decorating business. At the time, marketing a business online was pretty new. Remember Facebook didn’t launch business pages until 2007. It was at this time I designed and launched my first website, Joseph & Son Painting & Decorating (I wish I still had it !!). I have to admit that I didn’t know what I was doing, and it cost a fortune, but what I learned was invaluable.

After a number of years working for my Dad, it was time for me to go out on my own. Working for my Dad, what I enjoyed most was cabinet finishing, so my new business, My Hand Painted Furniture, would specialise in hand painted kitchens and furniture. I also decided that I would promote the business online, exclusively; website, SEO, Facebook and Twitter. So I started to make myself an expert in launching, running and promoting a digital business.

SEO and Facebook ads were the key drivers of success, and in a few short years I had taken a large investment, become a limited company and I was running the most successful kitchen renovation firm in Ireland. I had become obsessed with everything digital marketing, and I often thought that I’d love to give up painting and develop websites full time. WordPress was my first love. I learned everything there was to know, and the sites I built at this time are still some of my favourites. I designed websites and marketing strategies for fields, family and colleagues.

It was not to last. In 2015 I developed a serious issue with my back, and I had to leave the kitchen and furniture business. Looking back, it’s the best thing that could have happened, because I was forced to take up web design and digital marketing full time.

In 2019 I fulfilled a life-long dream of returning to education and completing a degree. In 2023 I was awarded a 1st class honours degree in Digital Marketing from TUS Athlone. My commitment to education doesn’t end there and in September 2023 I start a Masters Degree in Digital marketing at TUS.

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About Adam Bermingham
Adam Bermingham

FutureProof Digital Company Ethos

What we do here is important to us. A business shouldn’t be motivated by money alone. A business should do what it does with passion, delivering high quality services and experience to their customers. If they do this money will be made, almost by accident. Because, for the most part, we offer services to other businesses, their success is our success. A great website, a successful SEO campaign, anything that delivers business growth to our clients, is a win for us.

Mission Statement

  1. To develop, design, deliver and maintain websites of the highest possible quality at a price point that small businesses and start-ups can afford. Visual impact, user experience and an impressive web presence should not be the reserve of the corporate sector. A large budget should not be required in order to provide a high quality experience to your customers.
  2. To be visible and available to our clients at every stage of the process. A website, an advertising campaign, or the branding of a social media profile, is a collaboration between the client and FutureProof Digital. To converse with the client in whichever way they decide; in person, by phone, email or message.
  3. To provide free and unbiased consultation. To provide an upfront breakdown of costs, timescale and requirements, even if this means losing contracts. To honestly evaluate the needs of the business, not in a “customer is always right” sense, but delivering what is best for them. Sometimes a business owner may have formed damaging options over the years, we will always tell the truth.
  4. Make innovation our growth driver. Many businesses seek to grow their business by cutting costs, increasing prices and moving into new locations. FutureProof Digital will grow by placing themselves at the forefront of developments in the sector. To play a role in the development of WordPress, Elementor and Crocoblock, our primary software solutions, as tools for the growth of our clients. To build a website admin experience that’s as easy and fun as a social media platform like Instagram.

Small Business & Start-Ups

FutureProof Digital is a small business, we know what it’s like. We want to be your digital partner, helping you to navigate your way to success online. In 2022 all businesses are online businesses. You are losing customers if your website and social media persona doesn’t live up to your customers expectations. We are here to make sure that they do live up to those expectations.

Political Campaigns

The work we do with TDs, local councillors and political parties is very important to us. Regardless of the “shade” we believe that it’s important for the public to be informed and up to date with what their representatives are doing. The work we deliver has this goal right at the top of the page.

FutureProof Digital will only work with one candidate, in any one constituency or electoral ward, at any one time (if they are from different parties). This is decided on a “first come, first served” basis. If we already have a candidate on the books we will not contract a second. We believe that a conflict of interest would never arise, but we state this rule in order that a conflict of interest is never questioned.

The Charity Sector

Giving back is a huge part of the FutureProof Digital Company Ethos. In March 2020, when the first Covid-19 lockdown began, we offered our services completely free of charge to a number of local businesses. We knew that the months ahead would be a struggle, and we wanted to help in any way we could.

Whenever we work with a charity on a web design project, and there have been several in recent years, including The Irish Heart Foundation, we do so on a cost basis. What does that mean? Well, we quote for the job on the basis of what it will cost us to do in terms of software and general overheads, not on market rate. In practice, the invoice tends to be half of what they would expect to pay elsewhere.

My Commitment to WordPress

FutureProof Digital is very much a WordPress web design company. We are committed to the development of the platform and our role in that, both in Ireland and around the world. We believe that every business should use WordPress. In 12 years I have only ever told one client that what they needed was not WordPress, but a different platform. We shook hands, and I recommended a colleague with a speciality. We use many other software solutions of course, but WordPress will always be at the heart of what we do. 

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