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SEO for Carpenters – Roscommon Search Results Analysis

This week on the FutureProof blog we’re getting stuck into a topic that I plan on returning to again and again over the coming months and years. We’re going to take a service or a trade in a particular location and analyse the search results page. Why are we doing this? I want to help small businesses understand the search results, the market they’re in, their competition and what they can do, on a practical level, to increase their visibility, their traffic and the number of new bookings they make.


We’re starting with an industry I know well, and a location I know pretty well too, it’s where I live. I’ve chosen the search term carpentry services roscommon mostly because I’ve designed a number of websites for carpentry businesses, but I’ve never done any long term SEO for carpenters specifically, so I’m coming to the topic fresh.

The key point I want to reinforce is opportunity. Using search results analysis, we can identify opportunities for local businesses to rank for high value terms that will increase inquiries and bring them in real customers; opportunities that the competition are not taking advantage of themselves, and opportunities that don’t require huge investment of time or money.

So much of SEO related content on the web is “out of reach” for the average small business owner. It’s in very technical language, and is often aimed at a market of SEO professionals, working for larger businesses, with even larger budgets. This is a practical guide for carpenters interested in growing their search visibility and landing new clients with SEO.

SEO for Carpenters - Roscommon Search Results Analysis

The Perfect Google Search Result

What is Google looking for? That’s the number one question that I get asked, and the number one question that keeps me awake at night. Let’s set a benchmark. We’ll assume that a) competition for carpentry services will be highest in Dublin, and b) that the search results page in that location looks exactly the way Google wants it to.

Below is the search results page for carpentry services dublin

What on this SERP ?

What are the key takeaways from this SERP (search engine results page)? 

  1. There are 9 company websites on this page, owned by businesses, this is what Google really wants to show its users. 
  2. A local pack right at the top of the page and another one in position 10. More search real estate for businesses to take. 
  3. No paid search ads. A huge opportunity for low cost visibility on the page, overnight.
  4. All of the business directories offer free listings and have the added benefit of helping with local and GBP rankings.

Local Pack

  1. SBB Carpentry, 5 stars (159), 7+ years (custom carpentry services).
  2. A. D. Woodcraft Custom Carpentry, 4.9 stars (35) 10+years (custom carpentry services).
  3. BT Joinery, 5 stars (37), (custom carpentry services).

Places : Golden Pages, Adverts, Facebook, Yelp

  1. https://adwoodcraft.ie/
  2. http://www.oconnorcarpentry.ie/
  3. https://dsconstructionservices.ie/carpenters-dublin/
  4. https://dublincarpentry.com/
  5. https://www.houzz.ie/professionals/carpenters-and-joiners/
  6. https://www.goldenpages.ie/carpenters-joiners/dublin-county/
  7. https://premierbuilders.ie/carpentry/

Local Pack 2

  1. https://gtcarpentry.ie/
  2. https://www.madetomeasure.ie/
  3. https://dublincarpenter.ie/

The Roscommon Search Result

Now that we know what Google is looking for, what they want to put on the results page for this term if they can, we can look at the Roscommon results and analyse the potential opportunities for businesses on this page; visibility, traffic and customers.

Below is the search results page for “carpentry services roscommon”

What on this SERP ?

What are the key takeaways from this SERP (search engine results page)? 

  1. Results 1, 2, 4 and 5 are directory websites. 
  2. There’s only one company website.
  3. The local pack is at the bottom of the page.
  4. There’s a Facebook page ranking in position 3, above the company website (it’s the same company by the way).

Organic results

  1. https://www.houzz.ie/professionals
  2. https://www.goldenpages.ie/carpenters
  3. https://www.facebook.com
  4. https://www.goldenpages.ie/carpenters
  5. https://www.houzz.ie/professionals
  6. http://www.coynecarpentryandjoinery.ie

Local Pack

  1. FOCUS 360′ KITCHENS, 5 stars (9), 20+ years
  2. KMS Joinery, 5 stars (6)
  3. Coyne Carpentry and Joinery, 3+ years

Optimise for this Search Term

Ok, so you’re a carpenter, and you run your business in Roscommon, how do you get yourself in these search results? As an SEO professional, or even as a web designer, I can’t think of an easier job than taking on this SERP, I’d love to book a client in this area.

Launch a website, do a basic optimisation, claim your Google Business Profile, add some directory listings and get active on social media, starting with Facebook. You can secure at least three spots on this page within months, as Coyne Carpentry and Joinery has. If you see a search result with a Facebook page on it you know that there’s spots up for grabs.

Accepted wisdom would say that there are really “powerful” websites ranking for this term so a new website, with very few backlinks, would have no chance, but I don’t sign up to that way of thinking. By looking at the Dublin result for “carpentry services” we know what Google wants, and is only showing directory websites because they have nothing else to show.

Let’s look at the specifics.

Google Business Profile

The first result here is what’s called the “local pack” and you get in these results with a Google Business Profile. I’m suggesting you do this first because you don’t need a website to claim a profile and you can start optimising for this result on day one.

In this guide, What is a Google Business Profile & why you need it, I walk you through the entire GBP set-up process; categories, services, posts, everything. With a little work, customer reviews especially, you can feature here.

FutureProof Digital Google Business Profile Crop e1719390673366

Business Directories

So much of the space on this page is taken up by directories and business listing websites, Golden Pages for example, you should have listings on these sites. There’s two reasons 1) people click on these results and they might then see your listing, you can see above that some individual listings are also shown, and 2) Google uses listing websites, Yelp for example to collect information about local businesses, verifying that the NAP info (name, address, phone number) are correct. There’s no downside to these listings and it takes no time at all.

PPC Advertising

I find it hard to believe that there’s no PPC advertising on this page, but that’s a good thing for you. For very little money you could hoover up clicks with an advert at the top of this page, because nobody else is doing your CPC (cost-per-click) would be extremely low. This is a great option for the early months after a website, or small business launch.

check out this post… SEO vs. PPC – Organic Search or Paid Ads?

Website Optimisation & Local SEO

Now we get the website itself. We offer a product/service that’s a perfect example for this, The Small Business Website Starter Kit. You get a basic website, ideal for a new carpentry business, as well as some SEO and analytics features. There’s no reason why you can’t climb the rankings with this foundation.

Technical SEO

First, get the basics right. Good hosting takes care of so many technical issues, especially the speed of your website loading, we use SiteGround. Then you need to make sure that your site is indexed and that Google can find it. We use a plugin called RankMath to generate the sitemap (it does a lot of other jobs too), and then submit it to Google Search Console. All of this is included in our starter kit.

On-Page SEO

Now we get to the specific search term we’re looking to rank for “carpentry services roscommon.” Sometimes, in fact most of the time, it’s really difficult to rank for a valuable keyword, but in this case, and this can be true for many local keywords, it’s pretty easy. A basic optimisation, keyword and close variants in all the locations that matter; title tag, H1 tag, meta description, one or two headings, distributed throughout the content etc.

In short, some well written content about who you are and what you do best will do the job here, because there’s so little “good” content featured on the page.

Link Building

I wouldn’t particularly worry about links in terms of this search result, especially in the early days. Over time, links from local websites; newspapers, clubs, community groups etc. will help your ranks for more competitive terms and also rank in a larger service area when you’re looking to expand.

Local Carpentry Service Pages

What if you want to take it up a level? With the right foundations in place, targeting the search term that really matters, you can branch out into other services you provide and other terms people search for. In a carpentry SEO context, ask yourself some questions; 

What sub-services am I best at? 

Which services bring in the most profit? 

What do I enjoy doing? 

What terms do people use when they search?

The last question is the most difficult to answer, but if you’ve set up Google Search Console, described above, you might already have the answer. You can look at the keywords that give you impressions but no clicks, a great place to start.

Let’s say you choose “custom staircases” and “handmade kitchens” for example, each of these will need a dedicated page, optimised in a similar way to the primary keyword described above. The difference between these pages and the homepage is the quantity of content, you need to go deeper into the topic.

Carpentry Website Hero Section


Check out the image below and click the button to view and download the full version. It’s called a wireframe, and it’s used to display the layout of a webpage without the distraction of colour, font, images and other design elements. There’s no hard and fast rules but this is what UX (user experience) and CRO (conversion rate optimization) are about; making visitors happy and turning them into customers.

Figma Landing page Wireframe crop 1

There’s all the psychological elements that build trust, customer reviews for example, and the elements that funnel visitors towards conversion, buttons, contact forms etc. we describe them as “call-to-action.” This is how you would lay out your homepage and your deeper service pages.

Content Marketing in Carpentry

What’s the next level of carpentry SEO? So you’ve done everything above and you want to rank for everything carpentry related, you want to expand further and take on national brands in the industry. Content marketing, writing content, often for longer keywords and phrases (we call that longtail) that get less traffic than the terms listed above but bring in engaged readers.

Let me give you an example. Many years ago I worked in the high-end decoration world, hand painted kitchens and furniture. Each job would have a blog post written about it, including before, during and after photography and a review from the client. The title of the post would be; [type of work] in [location]. The post “Hand Painted Furniture in Kildare, written in the early days of the business, generated thousands in revenue each year the business was in operation… FREE ADVERTISING !! This is what content marketing can do for small businesses.

But it doesn’t end there. There are so many different types of content you can publish on your website to bring in more customers and it has other benefits, as we’ll learn later. Check out this post for ideas; Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses.

Topical Authority

“Topical Authority…  a website’s expertise and credibility on a particular subject. It’s about establishing yourself as the go-to resource for specific information within your industry. Google analyses hundreds of signals. One of these signals is the quality and quantity of content. The theory says that; it’s unlikely that you’ll rank for a single post but if you publish 25 posts, they all have a better chance of ranking.”

click here to learn more about topical authority…

E-E-A-T in Carpentry

“E-E-A-T is a concept taken from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines. Each letter represents a factor that the manual search raters, a Google team that examines search results, are instructed to measure for pages and websites that rank. Experience – the writer has first-hand experience of the topic. Expertise – the author’s level of knowledge or skill on the topic. Authoritativeness – known as a go-to source, established and respected in the field. Trustworthiness – the level of accuracy, honesty, safety, and reliability.”

click here to learn more about E-E-A-T… 

You can imagine how a carpenter might demonstrate these on their website, especially using the content marketing strategy described above. Your professional qualifications, awards you’ve won, trade organisation and guild memberships, famous clients and customer reviews.

SEO for Carpenters

So there you have it. I know this case study is very specific to a single trade and a single location, but think about this topic more broadly, a plumber in Leitrim for example. Go take a look at the Dublin search result, then the search result in your area, analyse the difference and then fill the gap in the market with your business, your website, your profiles, your listings.

SEO for carpenters is very similar to SEO for other trades and other service providers. It’s about getting yourself featured in the search result however you can. We can help… if you want to take your business to the next level and you think great SEO and web design might be the way, get in touch and we’ll book a free strategy session, to get started.


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