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How to Build a Carpentry Website | Web Design for Carpenters

More than ever, traditional trades like carpentry need an online presence to attract and engage potential clients. As a carpenter, you may be the master of beautiful furniture and kitchens, but web design? This might seem a bit out of your comfort zone. In this comprehensive guide we focus on leveraging WordPress for carpentry businesses, building a compelling online portfolio and business presence.


This post, Web Design for Carpenters, will hopefully bridge the gap between your woodworking expertise and the digital world. We’ll take you through the steps to create a visually appealing, functional, and easily manageable website, using examples from carpentry businesses we have worked with in recent years. Whether you’re a solo carpenter looking to showcase your work or a larger operation seeking to expand your customer base, this guide will offer practical advice, hits and tips, along with actionable steps to help you succeed.

Understanding the Needs of a Carpentry Business

It’s important to start with an understanding of your unique needs as a carpenter, and a small business owner. A website serves as your digital business card, your portfolio and your sales team, all rolled into one. Its design should be a reflection of your craftsmanship and your professionalism. Before you design anything, it’s important to identify your target audience and know how to effectively highlight your skills and experience on your website.

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Web Design for Carpenters

Identifying Your Target Audience

Your website isn’t just a jumble of images and text; it’s a tool, designed to attract and engage your customers. Whether your specialty is custom furniture, home renovation, or commercial projects, understanding who you’re speaking to is the first step in any web design process. And the customer might be different for each page; we’ll look at service pages later.

A great place to start are customer personas, semi-fictional representations of your ideal clients, or past clients, if you’ve been in business for a while. Are they homeowners looking for custom cabinets? Are they commercial contractors seeking skilled carpenters for large construction projects? Once you know who your customers are, you can tailor the design, and the content of your website to meet their specific needs.

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Highlight Your Skills & Experience

Your skills and years of experience are your greatest assets, and your website should prominently feature both of these. WordPress offers the greatest flexibility available to small businesses, allowing you to create stunning portfolios and showcase your expertise in a compelling way. The list below is just the start, and we’ll look at each one in more detail later in the post.

  • Photo Galleries: Use high-quality images to showcase your best work, and employ a professional photographer if you can. Include captions or brief descriptions for each photo, explaining the work involved, materials used, the location, or any other info that customers might find useful.
  • Portfolio: Go a step further by documenting your projects from start to finish in a case study format. This allows potential clients to understand your work process, the materials you use, and the value you bring. Especially for businesses in renovation, before and after shots work extremely well, on social media as well as your website.
  • Customer Reviews: Reviews and testimonials from past clients lend credibility to your skills and experience as a tradesperson. Most clients opt for our dedicated review section that can be customised for different services, and displayed in a slider format. Below is a review slider section from a recent client, Wilderhut, based in Scotland.

check out the Wilderhut website…

Wilderhut Review Section

The Fundamentals of Website Design

Once you have a strong understanding of your audience and what you need to showcase, you need to understand the design of your website. The design is not merely about how your website looks, but also how it functions. Your goal is to create a website that not only showcases your carpentry skills but also offers your customers the experience they expect.

User Experience (UX) Drives Bookings

A great user experience can be the deciding factor between a quick exit and a booking. Two key factors to consider are navigation and responsiveness. Can your customers find what they’re looking for, and can they do that on a mobile device?

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Intuitive Navigation

Imagine your website as an online showroom. Just as you would arrange a physical showroom, to make it easy for clients to find what they’re looking for, your website should guide visitors from one section to another. Your navigation needs a clean layout and clearly labelled menu items. Make sure that essential pages like “Services,” “Portfolio,” and “Contact” are easy to find. WordPress offers various menu customization options to make this process really straightforward.

Kitchen Company Website Service Page

Right at the top of this service page, for Feeney Interiors, a specialist Kitchen company in Roscommon, are seven navigation buttons that take users to all the related pages they might be looking for. While the main menu at the top of the page has only 5 items.

learn more about this project…

Mobile Responsiveness

A significant portion of your web traffic will come from mobile devices, so it’s imperative that your website is mobile-friendly. A website that is difficult to navigate on a smartphone will lead to lost business opportunities. WordPress is the perfect platform in this regard, offering multiple responsive themes that automatically adjust to different screen sizes. Your portfolio, image gallery, and other pages look as impressive on a mobile device as they do on a desktop.

Designing a Visually Stunning Website

While functionality is crucial, the aesthetic elements of your website are equally important. The visual design of your site should reflect the quality and attention to detail you bring to your carpentry work. Many carpenters will start with a very simple, small website, but the visuals still have to be high quality.

WordPress Theme or Custom Design?

The answer? It depends. At FutureProof Digital, we never use a WordPress Theme. Every client gets a tailor-made design and development. Every business is unique and their online presence has to mirror that. Using a WordPress theme can restrict design choices, and that’s not good enough for us. We build everything from the ground up; posts, pages, layouts, everything. Our process begins with a blank canvas and develops into a digital representation of the client.

However, if you’re a carpenter business just starting out, and feel adventurous enough to design your own website, a WordPress theme might be a wise decision. The WordPress market offers a huge number of both free version and premium themes, with all the features you might need, tailored for service based websites. While we opt out of the WordPress themes world, because of its design constraints, those very constraints might be what makes a theme perfect for you, as so much of the design work is already handled.

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The homepage header section below is taken from a project in 2021 for a carpentry based business France. A WordPress theme simply would not allow this level of customisation and graphic design. It’s vital to use that colour, font and layout are completely within our control.

Carpentry Website Homepage

High-Quality Images and Videos

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Particularly true for service business websites, especially carpentry. High-quality images can showcase your skills and attract bookings in a way text never can. Use crisp, well-lit photographs to showcase your projects and employ a pro photographer if possible, even just once, for that “special” job. But what if you’ve only just launched your business, and you haven’t had the time to build up a bank of images? At FutureProof Digital we offer access to our vast stock image libraries as standard, for every client, like the one below. These images should be replaced over time as your portfolio of work grows.

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Web Design for Carpenters

Enhanced Functionality with WordPress

WordPress; renowned for its flexibility and ease of use. WordPress offers numerous features that can significantly enhance the functionality of your website. From custom post types and advanced meta fields to service pages and user dashboards. You’ve probably heard of Wix or Squarespace, and they tell you how perfect they are for service providers, well we would strongly disagree with that. WordPress really is your best option. If Wix was better, we’d be using that instead !!

Jet Engine Custom Post Types

For carpenters, like all service businesses, the need to showcase various types of content, portfolio and client reviews for example, is critical. Jet Engine, a software solution by Crocoblock, allows us to create Custom Post Types to suit every specific need our clients might have. We use Jet Engine on almost every site we build, and provide the expensive pro licence free of charge.

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Advanced Meta Fields

Meta fields are an excellent way to add specific types of information to a post or page, such as materials used, project duration, or price range. Jet Engine allows you to create and manage this additional data easily, giving you the ability to showcase detailed information about each of your services or projects. This system makes it super easy for you to update the website yourself.

Search and Filter Options

A dynamic website like this allows users to find what they are looking for easily. With Jet Engine’s search and filter options. potential clients can quickly locate specific services, project types, or materials, with just a click. This enhances user experience and increases the chances of securing a new customer.

Customer Reviews

Word of mouth has moved online, and customer reviews have become the most potent form of social proof. Most FutureProof clients choose to go with our custom review system, it’s easy for them to update, and can be configured to fit any design or functionality requirement. Below is a review section from a recent client in the tourism industry.

learn how to get more customer reviews…

Wanderly Wagon Homepage Review Slider

Service Pages

Your services are the backbone of your carpentry business, and they need to be explained in more detail than your homepage will allow. Creating individual service pages allows you to get as detailed as you need to, and is also the way you will rank for terms other than “carpentry.” We’ll discuss the SEO benefits of service pages in the section below. These pages give you an opportunity to explain your process, time frames and why a client should choose you for their next carpentry project. Below, take a look at a page we called “The Wilderhut Process.” Your clients will love this !!

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Wilderhut Website

Portfolio & Image Gallery

A small carpentry website might have an image gallery, larger carpentry websites might choose to have a portfolio, some have both. An image gallery is simple; a collection of pictures, showcasing your best work. Everyone needs at least this. A step up from that is a portfolio. This also features images of your work, grouped together under single projects, along with detailed description and maybe a review from the client. Depending on their needs, we develop bespoke solutions for clients to display their work. Below is another example from Wilderhut.

check out the WilderHut website…

Carpentry Image Gallery

Creating a Dynamic User Dashboard

FutureProof Digital websites are built with a client focus. Our goal is to make a website as easy to run for the admin as a Facebook page. Our clients never have to worry about design and layout, only to enter text and images, everything else is taken care of automatically. Each website has a custom user admin, that’s easy to learn and navigate using the video guide that every client gets on completion. Below is an example of a custom dashboard developed for a client in the health sector.

WordPress Admin Dashboard

SEO for Local Service Businesses

After laying the groundwork with your website’s design and enhanced functionality, the next step is for your new clients to find their way to you… Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For carpenters offering local services, a focus on local SEO can be a game-changer. Keyword research and optimization, local SEO strategies, and the importance of website performance and technical SEO.

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Keyword Research and Optimization

Keywords are the building blocks of SEO. They are the terms and phrases that potential clients type into search engines when looking for services like yours. In your case, terms like “local carpenter,” “custom woodworking,” or “kitchen renovations” are what you’ll be looking at. We discussed service pages above, Custom Woodworking and Kitchen Renovations are examples of this. These pages, optimised for that term, will, over time rank in the search results, increasing overall traffic and generate highly targeted customer leads. The homepage section below, from Dunleavy carpentry in Roscommon links to exactly this type of content page.

Dunleavy Carpentry Service Homepage Link

Local SEO Strategies

If you’re offering carpentry services in a specific area, which most do, local SEO should be a focal point of your optimization efforts. There are two key areas; Google Business Profile and locally based content. Content requires more work, but it’s important to understand how they work independently, and how they interact with each other.

Google Business Profile Optimization

Having a well-optimised Google Business Profile can significantly enhance your visibility in local search results and Google Maps. The profile needs to be complete with accurate business information, service area, website link, and services offered. High-quality images of your work will also improve your listing. Reviews are the big player when it comes to your Google Business Profile. We recommend to every client that they prioritise a single platform for collecting customer reviews. In the tourism industry that should be TripAdvisor, in the service sector, it should be Google.

Location-Specific Content

Creating content that’s specific to your service area can help boost local rankings. For carpentry websites, this takes the form of portfolio items, blog posts or helpful articles about carpentry projects in a specific location, for example; “Kitchen Refurbishment in Roscommon” or “Custom Furniture Design in Galway.” This type of content helps search engines associate your website with a particular geographic area, increasing the likelihood of appearing in local searches. They also make great posts for your social media pages, and landing pages for PPC ads.

Website Performance and Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to non-content related elements that impact your site’s visibility in search results. This includes factors like page load speed, meta data, and having a secure and accessible website (HTTPS). For example, a slow-loading website can negatively affect your ranking in search results. Tools within WordPress can help you measure and improve these metrics, and we install many of these as standard for our clients.

Web Design for Carpenters

Building an online presence for your carpentry business is much like crafting a fine piece of furniture—it requires careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, and skilled execution. Start with a deep understanding of what you need, and what your new clients need, then you can create a website that is both visually appealing and highly functional.

If you follow just some of the tips in this post, you’ll be well-equipped to construct a website that showcases your craftsmanship and also serves as your number one tool for attracting new business. Remember, your website is a direct reflection of you, your skills and the quality of work you offer. Make it count. The best of luck as you begin this exciting digital journey. Should you have any questions or need further guidance, please reach out.


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