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Website Graphic Design for Small Businesses

Each one of our clients gets a custom design, no templates, no themes, but sometimes we get the opportunity to deliver something extra special; a homepage video banner, photoshop graphics. Custom artwork. In this post we’ll look at website graphic design principles, best practices and design tips. Finally we’ll take a look at some examples from recent years here at FutureProof Digital, some client sites we are extremely proud of…


First impressions matter more than ever, and a visually appealing, professional website is crucial for small businesses to stand out from the competition. Your website is often the first point of contact with potential customers, and it is essential to make a lasting impact. Great graphic design can make that lasting impact. Why is that so important to small businesses?…

Why is Website Graphic Design Important for Small Business?

A well-designed website can captivate visitors, communicate your brand message effectively, and ultimately drive conversions. It goes beyond just making your website visually appealing. In a world where so many websites look the same (thanks to themes and templates), especially for a small business, you have to stand out. A website designed with thought and creativity establishes credibility, builds trust, and strengthens brand identity.

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The Benefits of Effective Graphic Design

Investing in professional graphic design for your small business website can yield numerous benefits. Firstly, it helps you create a unique and memorable brand identity that sets you apart from competitors. A visually consistent and cohesive brand image across all elements of your website establishes brand recognition and fosters trust in your customers. This brand image extends to your social media, or print materials, even your merchandise.

Secondly, effective graphic design enhances user experience; intuitive navigation, organising content in a user-friendly way, utilising visual cues to guide visitors through your website and where they need to be. By optimising the user experience, you increase engagement, reduce bounce rates, and improve overall conversions.

Lastly, well-executed graphic design can effectively convey a message. Through the strategic use of colour, typography and imagery, you can evoke emotions, communicate values and connect people on a deeper level. This, in turn, helps to build brand loyalty and long-term customer relationships.

10 Benefits of Graphic design for Businesses…

Website Graphic Design for Small Businesses

Understanding Graphic Design

To appreciate the impact great graphic design can have on a small business website, first you need a solid understanding of its fundamental principles and key elements. Graphic Design, in a web design context, is the strategic use of design elements to create a visually pleasing and engaging user experience. Combining visual elements; colour, typography, layout, imagery and custom graphics to create a website that’s easy on the eye, yet highly functional at the same time. In essence; communicating a brand’s identity, message and values without words.

Elements of Graphic Design

Colour Scheme

Colour plays a crucial role in website graphic design, it evokes emotions, creates visual interest, and helps brand recognition. Carefully chosen colour palettes convey different moods, establish brand identity, and guide users’ attention on the website. Think how many websites in the medical field that use blue and white, it evokes cleanliness and professionalism.

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Typography & Font Styles

Typography; selecting the right fonts, sizes, and styles to convey the brand’s tone of voice. Well-chosen typography can add personality to your website and contribute to a cohesive visual experience. Subconsciously, there are font styles we expect to see used on different types of website; handwritten fonts on children’s websites, sans serif style fonts for newspapers or academia.

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Layout & User Experience

The layout of a website, or the arrangement of graphic elements, like text, images, or navigation, to create a visually balanced and user-friendly interface. A well-structured layout ensures that information is easily accessible and digestible for visitors. White space is key, too much clutter puts people off, and be particular, only give users what they need, when they need it, pop-up for example.

Video, Imagery & Graphics

Images, videos and graphics play a significant role in website graphic design. They tell a story, and convey complex ideas in a visual way, without the need for long paragraphs of text. High-quality images and graphics that align with your brand’s message are essential for creating a positive user experience, so they also need to project professionalism.

Graphic Design & UX

Effective graphic design goes beyond aesthetics; it is crucial that user experience (UX) is enhanced, or what’s the point? A well-designed website with clear visual hierarchies, seamless navigation, and well placed call-to-action buttons can guide visitors through the website seamlessly. It ensures that users can easily find the information they are looking for… and the information you need them to see.

Key Principles of Effective Graphic Design

Designing a website for your small business is no different to designing any other digital marketing material, it’s always important to adhere to the key principles of effective design. These principles would be as familiar to an ad executive in the 1950’s, as they are to a graphic designer today.

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Keeping the design clean and uncluttered allows users to focus on the most important elements. Avoid overwhelming visitors with excessive visuals or information. As mentioned earlier, white space, it’s always your friend.


Maintaining visual consistency across your website, and other branding, helps establish a strong identity for your brand. Using consistent colours, fonts, and graphical elements across all media creates a cohesive and professional look.


Ensure that your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Consider factors such as contrast, font size, and alt text for images to make your website inclusive. These considerations help all customers.


Establish a clear visual hierarchy to guide users through your website. Use size, colour, and placement to emphasise important information and guide users’ attention. Remember, people are drawn to the largest text first, make it count !!

Your Small Business Website Design Project

In this section we’ll look at all the key principles of great design in more detail, using our previous clients as examples. These small business clients come from every sector, from tourism, local shops and pubs, to the music industry and fashion. Many of the design elements once reserved for big budget websites are now achievable at every price point.

Brand Identity for a Small Business

The primary goal of graphic design is to establish a strong visual brand identity for your small business. This identity encompasses various elements that contribute to your brand’s recognition and differentiation. For Wanderly Wagon, a tour operator in Co. Galway, we were in at the ground floor, so the first job was a brand guideline document, seen below. This offers the client some visual representation of their new logo in “real-world” situations.

check out the Wanderly Wagon website…

Wanderly Wagon brand guideline document.

Logo Design & Branding

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand. Not every small business needs one, and it can just be the name of your business, but I was keen for Wanderly Wagon to have one, as a tour guide business. The other branding elements, colour schemes, typography choices, and graphical elements were developed first, they would combine in the design of the logo.

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Wanderly Wagon logo design.

Colour Scheme & Fonts

Consistency is crucial in establishing a cohesive brand identity. Select a colour scheme and font set that reflects your brand’s personality and use it consistently throughout marketing. Additionally, consider using graphical elements, icons or patterns for example, that are unique to your brand. The “buzz-words” for Wanderly Wagon were the sea, island life, tradition and culture, these fed all choices.

Wanderly Wagon Brand Guidelines 5

Standard Fonts vs Custom Fonts

System fonts are pre-installed with operating systems like Windows, macOS, or Linux. Their appearance can differ across devices and operating systems, potentially compromising design consistency, and because they’re free, lots of websites use them, so your site can appear quite generic. On the other hand, custom fonts are not pre-installed and can be purchased, downloaded, or even custom-designed. They allow for a unique and consistent branding experience across platforms.

Both have their advantages, but sometimes only a custom font will do. One of the reasons we have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription here at FutureProof Digital is the extensive font library. The font below, Bembies, is a graffiti style font we used for rap artists website back in 2020.

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Custom Font - Web Design for Musicians

User-friendly Website Layouts

The layout of your website; is it user-friendly? Do your customers get to where they need to be?. A well-designed layout not only enhances the visual appeal of your website but also improves user experience. A website might look great, but if it doesn’t work great it won’t be successful.

Clear Hierarchy

Headings, subheadings, buttons and forms are all visual cues that guide users through your website, and tell them exactly what you want them to do. Ensure that important information is easily accessible and distinguishable from less important content, general information for example. These days, so much text is written for the search engines alone, and is never read.

GAA Club website footer

A website footer can really help in this regard. If you have content that very few people will need, but still needs to be accessed when required, the footer is just the place for it. Above we can see a perfect example of this, from a Dublin GAA club. Here we have policy documents, forms and other technical info.

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Mobile Responsiveness

It is critical that your website looks just as good on mobile as it does desktop. Your website should adapt and display correctly on all screen sizes. A mobile-responsive design ensures that users can navigate your website seamlessly, regardless of the device they are using. Always be aware, when adding design elements that they need to adapt too; design two or more versions of an element if you need to.

Imagery & Visual Assets

Images and visual assets are what your website visitors will remember, above anything else. Not all web designers will offer what we do, in terms of Photoshop and composite skills, so if you’re looking for something a little bit extra for your site, choose carefully.

High Quality Photos

Invest in high-quality visuals that accurately represent your products, services, or brand values. Blurry, low-quality images won’t cut it, and can negatively impact the overall impression of your website. Below is an example of image optimization in photoshop for the Wanderly Wagon image gallery. It was also their most successful social media post ever, with a reach of over 60,000 and counting.

Web Design for Tour Guides - Image Optimisation in Photoshop

Stock Images or Pro Photographer?

Depending on your budget and the specific needs of your business, you might decide to use stock images. But the best results are often delivered by a professional photographer, capturing unique and personalised images for use on your website.

Stock images are a great option for small businesses, and can get you off the ground quickly, they can always be replaced later. Below is a graphic composite from a very successful recent client, Fierce Fun Faces. We decided to use some stock images because most of the photography the business has features children, and this raises GDPR issues.

we use Envato Elements for stock images…

Custom Graphic using Stock Image

Custom Graphics

When a website is for a small business, and functionality doesn’t need to be complex, the budget often allows room for more complex design elements. For The Cosy Bar in Castlerea, Co. Roscommon, we really did produce a showstopper. This custom Photoshop composite graphic, using a variety of advanced techniques advertises the bar as a party venue.

The Cosy Bar

Using Video

Video doesn’t work for every business, or every website… but sometimes it’s perfect. Below is an example of a composite video we designed for The Strokestown Poetry Festival, featuring shots of the location combined with stock video and graphics. It was used front-and-centre, on the homepage.

Another example below. This video was used to create an atmosphere. I wanted smoke to waft over the page when users landed on the website. Again, a stock video with the company logo used on top, with other branding elements.

FlexClip can be your secret weapon. FlexClip is a user-friendly online video editor that allows you to create professional-looking videos like these, even with no prior editing experience.

Diablos Vape Club Video header

Graphic Design Tips for Small Businesses

There are a number of best practices that can help you create visually stunning and engaging websites. Always keep these in mind, and you can enhance the overall effectiveness of your website and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Keep up with Current Design Trends

Design trends evolve constantly, and it’s important to stay updated to keep your website modern and relevant. Keep an eye on current design trends; in recent years, minimalist design, bold typography, or immersive visuals, and consider incorporating them into your website. However, remember to balance trendy elements with standard design principles to increase longevity. I love 99 Designs for this…

Use of White Space

White space, also known as negative space; the empty areas between design elements. It helps create visual breathing room and allows important elements to stand out. Don’t be afraid to embrace white space in your designs, it enhances clarity and improves overall user experience. Balancing visual elements is also crucial. Distribute text, images, and other design elements evenly throughout your website, give users a harmonious and pleasing composition.

Website Speed & Performance

Website loading speed is hugely important, so don’t just forget about it. Factors like large image files and excessive animations can contribute to a slow-loading website, ultimately affecting user engagement and satisfaction. First, compress images to reduce file sizes without sacrificing quality. Second, optimise your website’s code by removing unnecessary characters, spaces, and comments. Additionally, implementing caching mechanisms can store specific elements of your website locally. Choosing a reliable hosting provider is always a great idea.

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Ad - Web Hosting from SiteGround - Crafted for easy site management. Click to learn more.

Maintain Consistency & Update Design Elements

Consistency is key to establishing a strong brand. Ensure that your graphic design elements, colour schemes, fonts and logo usage, remain consistent across different pages and sections of your website. Regularly review and update your design elements as your brand evolves to keep your website fresh.

Graphic Design for Your Small Business

Website Graphic Design plays a key role in creating a visually appealing and engaging online presence for your small business. By investing in professional graphic design services, small business owners can enhance their website’s visual appeal, establish a strong brand identity, and improve user experience.

In this post we have explored the importance of website graphic design for small businesses. We discussed the basics of graphic design, including its fundamental elements and how it enhances user experience. We explored various areas where graphic design can be incorporated into small business websites; designing user-friendly layouts, selecting appropriate imagery and enhancing user engagement with effective calls-to-action.

We looked at a number of clients from our recent portfolio, and how we’ve incorporated design elements into their design projects, so now it’s time to put this knowledge into practice and take your website to the next level. Remember, your website is often the first point of contact for potential customers, so make it count with compelling and visually stunning design.


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