Project Galgo

Web Design in Essex – Dog Rescue Websites

Essex, UK.

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Web Design in Essex

Web Design in Essex - A project that I wanted to be involved in as soon as I found out about it. My first Dog Rescue Charity Website.

Web Design in Essex

Sometimes I really love my job. Most of time is taken up working with small businesses, building websites to promote their products and services. And although this is really satisfying work, one business website is very similar to the next in terms of design and functionality, and it can get a little repetitive. So when I get the chance to do something a little different, and do some good at the same time, I jump at it!! This Dog Rescue Charity Website is one such example of not just a great cause, but an opportunity for me to really stretch the design boundaries.

I was recommended to the management of Project Galgo by a previous client, which is always a good feeling, and I had never worked on web design in Essex before. You hit the ground running this way because the client already has a sense of what you’re all about. The catalyst for the design turned out to be the excellent logo that they already had. This logo informed all of my early design choices and the client was thrilled with the results.

Software : WordPress, Elementor Pro, ACF, CPT UI

About Project Galgo

“To promote humane behaviour towards animals by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for animals, in particular but not limited to Galgos, Podencos and other Sighthounds, which are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage and to educate the public in matters pertaining to animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among animals.”

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Review by Project Galgo

Adam is an absolute gem where it comes to website design. From a logo I gave him, he completely flew with it and created a website that really enhanced it. His passion for creation and innovation really came through – a thoroughly professional, quality and bespoke service. He is kind, approachable and so open minded, and will do everything he can to create the best website for you. Thank you so much Adam from Project Galgo.

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out…

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

we think you should to. Check them out…

Web Design in Essex – Dog Rescue Websites - Key Features

Web Design in Essex – Dog Rescue Websites
Web Design in Essex - The Design Brief

All web design projects start in a similar way. Whether a Dog Rescue Charity Website, a business website, or a even a political website. I need to grasp what type of design the client is looking for. This project offered a shortcut; the client had a hand draw logo by a professional artist, and this would inform every design choice made for the website. Predominantly black and white (the visual interest would come from the images) and a "cartoon" style font. The client enjoyed how the playful nature of the Galgo breed was mirrored by the website.

The design is always the choice of the client, but that choice can be arrived at in a number of different ways. A website project with Futureproof Digital is a combination of graphic design, web design and web development, because we take on all three of these roles, especially when budgets are limited

Dog Rescue Charity Website Dog Adoption Single
Dog Adoption Features

The primary goal of the Project Galgo website is to rescue dogs, mostly from Spain, bring them to the UK, and then offer them for foster or adoption. It may sound strange, but building this type of functionality is very similar to that of a dating website; scrolling through dog images (instead of people), profile pages and finally the process of meeting them. In this case it involves filling in a lot of forms. We'll look at that next. FutureProof Digital websites are always built the future in mind, Web Design in Essex is the same as any other part of the world. The client has to be able to run the site smoothly; upload images and all the information needed for clients to choose a dog to adopt.

Dog Rescue Charity Website Forms Page
Complex Form Submission

Whether a person is looking to foster or adopt a dog, the process is long and complex. A dog rescue charity website has forms that very few other websites have; eight pages long, required fields, and special features like image upload. Forms like this take years experience to programme correctly, not just experience with WordPress, but other specialist software, Elementor and Crocoblock.

These forms are the lifeblood of Project Galgo. Prospective adopters and fosterers from all over the UK fill them out, and they have to work... every time. The form submissions are organized into a database stored in, and easily accessible from, the WordPress Dashboard.

A website designed by FutureProof Digital is as much for the client as it is for the users of the website. If we can reduce paperwork for the business, by creating forms and databases, then we do. For many of our clients this will be customers, and we create email marketing funnels for this. But in the case of Project Galgo it's prospective adopters, so we adapted our standard system.

Dog Rescue Charity Website Homepage Sections
Original Design & Layout

FutureProof Digital websites are designed and developed from the ground up, we don't use templates, or even a theme in the traditional WordPress sense. This project for web design in Essex would be no different. Every business, or charity, or public figure, gets a custom theme; colours, fonts, layouts, everything. This dog rescue charity website is the same, and it shows. In collaboration with the client we produced a website like no other, especially in this field. This client was thrilled, and left us a glowing review, which always means so much.

Google Search
Search Optimised Websites

All FutureProof Digital websites are designed and developed with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind from day 1, and this Web Design in Essex project was no different. If you submit a page to Google for indexation, then you should a target keyword or search term for that page. For example, this page targets the term "Dog Rescue Charity Website," I want to rank on page one of the search results when someone types those words. After only a few days, Project Galgo ranked number 1 for their name (a great sign, if you are looking for early indicators) and after weeks and months is ranking for very valuable terms, "galgo adoption UK" for example.

Web Design in Essex – Dog Rescue Websites - Homepage

What can FutureProof Digital do for your business ?

If you’re a small business owner, then you know that having a website is essential in today’s world. Not only does it give your customers another way to find out about your business, but it also allows you to reach a larger audience than you would be able to if you were only relying on word-of-mouth advertising. However, just because everyone has a website these days doesn’t mean that yours will be successful. It takes careful planning and execution to create a small business website that will help grow your company.

At FutureProof Digital, we understand the importance of small business websites. That’s why we specialize in creating websites that are not only visually appealing and user-friendly, but also optimized for search engines so that you can get the most out of your investment. We believe that a great website doesn’t have to be expensive, and we’re proud to offer some of the best prices in the industry. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our small business website design services. We’ll work with you to create a website that is perfect for your company and will help you reach your goals.

Charities and causes that I care about get my very best quotes, I basically do them at cost. Having never worked on web design in Essex before, I was especially happy about working on this contract. I think that every business should find ways to give back, and I try to do that whenever I can. For example, during the first Covid-19 lockdown, I offered my services completely free of charge to a number of local businesses. You can read more about this by clicking here.

It felt good help in some way, and I met loads of new people (on Zoom of course) and even made new friends. Web design isn’t just about businesses, so many websites have no transactional element to them whatsoever, and they are often the most rewarding jobs to work on. I really hope to work on web design in Essex again in the future.

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