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How to Design an Online Store

E-Commerce websites are a challenge. An online store features so much interaction between the user and the site. All of this interaction, including payments, user accounts, shipping, automated emails and more all has to be managed. It has to run all on it’s own, leaving the owner to run their business. This client was a real pleasure to work for, they appreciated the challenges. But at the same time they knew what they wanted...

How to Build a Trade Website – Specialist Kitchen & Furniture Business.

In this post, How to Build a Trade Website, we’ll take a look at the design of this Specialist Tradesman Website, My Hand Painted Furniture. The why and the how of it’s high performance and the return on investment. In further write-ups and posts we’ll look at their social media, search advertising, both paid and organic, plus how they generated such high traffic for low volume search terms...

SEO for an Online Store

E-Commerce websites need optimising for search like any other website. Many businesses rely on advertising alone to drive traffic and customers but this misses an opportunity; free traffic and customers via search. Other forms of marketing are vital for the success of an online; in this case micro blogging, Instagram and email marketing. But SEO for an Online Store must be the first priority. Let’s take a look at Response .? Clothing Co. a recent web design contract here at FutureProof Digital, as an example...

E-Commerce Homepage Design

Many of the questions we are asked by clients at the start of the web design process, especially for online store sites, concern the content and style of the Homepage. E-Commerce Homepage Design is 50% personal preference, what type of product are you selling, what type of people are your customers, and 50% best practices, tried and tested methods that convert visitors into paying customers...

Adding Products in WooCommerce

In this post we’ll take an in depth look at Adding Products in WooCommerce and answer some of the question that are often asked; What’s the difference between attributes and variables? How do I add product quantities and variable pricing? How do I change the image and price of a product depending on customer selection? And everything else you need to know when creating a product for sale on your website using WooCommerce. ..

Create Custom Headers & Footers – WordPress & Elementor Pro How-to-Guide

Have you ever wanted to have complete control over the most common visual aspects of your website; the header and the footer. Well, using Elementor Pro, a premium WordPress design plugin, for less that €50 per year, you can. Create your own Custom Headers & Footers, style your menu however you wish, add sign-up forms and attractive social icons to the footer and much more…..

Default Shop & Category Pages – Create Your Own

If you are selling products on your website, the default shop and category pages that come with WordPress and WooCommerce will already be familiar to you. Have you ever wished that you could design them yourself? Have you ever wanted to customise the look of the product category pages? You can. And there are a number of ways to do it...

Google Ads Guide for Small Business & Start-Up

We’ve all seen Google Ads, the results at the very top, up to 4 in many cases, are paid advertisements. But how does the process actually work? Are you looking for a Google Ads Guide? Follow along with this Google Ads Guide and you will have set up your first Google Ads Campaign. We’ll cover every aspect of campaign set-up; location, budget, bidding, choosing your keywords and writing your advert...

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