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E-Commerce websites are a challenge. An online store features so much interaction between the user and the site. All of this interaction, including payments, user accounts, shipping, automated emails and more all has to be managed. It has to run all on it’s own, leaving the owner to run their business.

This client was a real pleasure to work for, they appreciated the challenges. But at the same time they knew what they wanted.

My Hand Painted Furniture

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Here, we’ll take a look at the design of this Specialist Tradesman Website, My Hand Painted Furniture. The why and the how of it’s high performance and the return on investment. In further write-ups and posts we’ll look at their social media, search advertising, both paid and organic, plus how they generated such high traffic for low volume search terms.

Political Candidate Website

Carly Bailey, Political Candidate Website, Web Design, FutureProof Digital.

A Political Candidate Website sells a product in the same way that an E-Commerce website does, a politician’s product is an idea, their vision.

Carly Bailey is a former Vice-Chair of The Social Democrats. At the time of writing she is a candidate in the 2019 Local Elections for Rathfarnham-Templeogue and in the next General Election for Dublin South-West.