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The AWESME Study


An Academic Research Website designed to recruit study participants & conduct interviews

This was a first @ FutureProof Digital, a website for a PHD student, an Academic Research Website. One of the smallest websites I’ve ever built, only a handful of pages but each served a specific purpose. It’s important to set goals and targets, especially for a website, you can’t measure success if you don’t know what success looks like. This website has two goals; recruiting participants for the study, social media clicks would be directed here for contact form and more info. In addition, a portion of the study itself would be conducted through the website, in the form of live chat interview.

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The AWESME Study
DCU, Dublin

AWESME stands for Adolescents with Epilepsy’s Self-Management Experiences. It aims is to better understand how teenagers and young people manage their condition. The study is conducted in conjunction with Dublin City University & Children’s Health Ireland.

“We are doing this study to find out about adolescents experiences of living with epilepsy and how they manage it themselves. We would like to talk to adolescents and/or parents/caregivers.”


“Adam made a website for me for a research project. Service was so quick and the product is excellent, exactly what I was looking for! Will use again for the next one.”

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out...

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

We think you should to. Check them out...

WordPress, Elementor Pro

Participant Recruitment

One of the reasons for building this Academic Research Website is to recruit people to take part in the study, and for this a Contact Page is vital. It’s a simple page; phone number, email address and a contact form. A lot of businesses over-complicate this page, but as long as it features all the possible ways for people to contact you then it’s job is done.

Check out the FutureProof Contact Page on this website…


Clear Information

Another vital aspect of this website is to provide information to potential participants, young people with epilepsy and their parents. Studies of this type would normally send this information in the post, a PHD student with an Academic Research Website eliminates this work and the cost of postage. The user can direct people to the relevant pages via email or social media, increasing the sign-up rate.

Online Interviews

The ability to conduct interviews online was the idea that first led to the design of awesme.org. This Academic Research Website has to have the functionality to speak with participants in real time (unlike email, or forum posts) in the way that Facebook messenger does. We created this using live chat software, more commonly seen on E-Commerce Websites. A high degree of security would also be required; we achieved this by creating a page only accessible to logged in users. The final requirement was the ability to download the chat content for analysis, the live chat software came with this function.

Academic Research Website in Dublin

Education is a real passion of mine, so to build an Academic Research Website was a real pleasure. Many student researchers may be under the impression that employing a web design agency is too expensive to consider… not so. At FutureProof Digital we want to support education in any way we can, so get in touch, we can discuss what can be done for your budget, you might be surprised. We always charge 50% less than we would for similar work in the private sector.

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Secure Login

In order to conduct online interviews it is vital to create secure login to the site. This is important for participant confidentiality, and also for University ethics board approval of this Academic Research Website. All login details are created by the admin and sent directly to the participant, and only work for the period of time that the interview is conducted. The pages related to interview are only accessible to logged in users (the admin and the participant) and the interview function is only available on that page, multiple levels of security.

Thank you for reading about this Academic Research Website in Dublin.

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