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Alternative Therapy Website in Birmingham, UK

Your Soul Space

A fascinating journey into a mystical world, with this Alternative Therapy Website. A keyword list like no other!!

Larissa Gray got in touch with me, from Birmingham in the UK to discuss her web design needs early in 2020… and we all know what happened then. The project was put on hold until January of 2021 due the Covid-19 pandemic. I was so disappointed, because this Alternative Therapy Website is a very exciting project. I have to admit, this is not a subject I know a lot about, but I do know how to build websites that rank, and the list of keyword targets I had for this website. Once the website is complete, I’ll be staying on to work on search engine optimisation for Your Soul Space. I’ll cover that in a blog post later in the year, but I have touched on keywords and optimisation below…

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Your Soul Space
Solihull, Birmingham, UK

“YOUR SOUL SPACE. A space for your soul to be heard and nurtured.

Therapeutic body work, including… Massage, Bowen, Emmett, Neuro Structural Integration, Reflexology, Hot Stone Treatment, Ayurvedic Massage, Energy Work and Emotional and Trauma Clearing Therapies.”

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out...

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

We think you should to. Check them out...

WordPress, Elementor Pro, ACF, CPT UI

The FutureProof Difference

Ok, shameless plug. We spend quite a bit of money on subscriptions, the Adobe suite of design software programmes for example. Another is Envato Elements. No matter what business you run we can fill your website with high quality images from a library of literally millions, and the licences are already paid for. Most clients use this as a stop-gap-measure, in the early stages of their business when they haven’t yet done their own photography.

Custom Navigation

Sometimes a pre-designed navigation menu works, for a small tradesperson website for example, with only a handful of pages. For this Alternative Therapy Website that just wouldn’t cut it. We designed a bespoke sidebar, accessible from anywhere on the site, that opens when the menu icon is clicked. In this sidebar the user will find every service offered by Your Soul Space (too many to list in a standard menu) as well as useful links like Home and Contact.

Designed for Search

Search Engine Optimisation is an artform, I like to think that I know what I’m doing in this field. It’s no secret, new websites are finding it harder to rank than ever before, so your service pages are more important than ever. Your Soul Space may never rank for “massage” nationally, but it will rank for “hot stone massage” in the Birmingham area very quickly. This Alternative Therapy Website offers 13 different treatments, each one has it’s own page. The page is in a question and answer format, it answers the questions that people really ask, so those are also the answers that search engines are looking for.

Alternative Therapy Website in Birmingham, UK

The content may be different, but an Alternative Therapy Website is, in a technical sense, the same as a website for a painter and decorator, or even a law practice. Pages that describe the services provided and contact options, in all the right places. Every business wants the same thing… customers. Use the link below to learn more about what we do…

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For me, the work with Your Soul Space is only just beginning. Now that the website is finished, getting it to the top of the rakings takes centre stage. It’s an old saying now, but it’s still true (it might have been Rank Fishkin said it, I’m not 100% on that), “websites don’t rank, pages do.” Each page is an SEO job on it’s own, targeting a high value search term, and getting to the highest possible position on the results page for that term. I’ll write and publish a blog post about that when there’s something to report.

Homepage... Visual Impact

What is a homepage for?… so many businesses don’t really know the answer to that question. I see it having two jobs. The first is to rank for your business name. When people are told about a business by a friend, or see offline advertising and they Google “your soul space” this is the page I want at the top of the results. The second job is more about my skills, I want this page to make a statement. A website is a visual representation of a business and the homepage needs to say… “We are professional, and we know what we are doing.”

Contact & Social

Building a community around a business like this is so important. You want potential customers interacting with existing customers in your Facebook post comments and Twitter feed. Every page on this Alternative Therapy Website features links to social media. Alongside these links there are a variety of contact methods including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Thank you for reading about this Alternative Therapy Website in Birmingham, UK.

If you run a business and you need a website (pro tip = you do) or your current website doesn’t look the way you want it to, function the way it should or perform how you need it to, get in touch. I don’t charge a penny for consultation, so finding out about what your business needs and what can be achieved for your budget is completely free. Use this form… we can meet in person, have a phone or Skype call or use email, it’s up to you.

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