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Baking Products E-Commerce Website

The Best Free From

A Baking Products E-Commerce Website for a Business in Roscommon selling Low Carb. Baking Products

This project, a Baking Products E-Commerce Website, is the first of two about the work we did for The Best Free From, a local business in Castlerea. The business had a website already, but the owner was new to running an online business and it’s wasn’t performing how she needed it to. The contract was a hybrid of a completely new design and a transfer of existing content. It was a pleasure, start-to-finish. The client was extremely easy to work with, and we got on really well, that always helps. Unusually, there are only 14 products, so this job was more about style, design and format than it was data and technical development.

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The Best Free From
Castlerea, Co. Roscommon

The Best Free From, also known as Low Carb. Cakes & More on Facebook, is a start-up food business based in Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. The primary product offering is a range of healthy baking dry mixes, including sweet, savoury and bread mixes, plus a range of related products. To promote these products The Best Free From writes regular recipe blog posts and makes YouTube guides. Working for this business has been one of my 2020 highlights, and I’m very excited to watch, and help in any way I can, the development of this business.


“I highly recommend Adam at FutureProof Digital, he has done a great job on my website He understood my needs and absolutely worked around my requirements. Thank you for the amazing work for all the local business, very generous.”

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out...

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

We think you should to. Check them out...

WordPress, Elementor Pro, WooCommerce, ACF, CPT UI, MailChimp

Baking Product Pages

as I’ve said in other project posts, the product page is where I experiment with design, it informs the style and layout of the rest of the website. I had one important element to work with on this Baking Products E-Commerce Website; the client had already had a set of super cool logos made, for the business, and some of the products. I used these for colour and font.

With these aspects in place, the remaining design comes together naturally. The important product data is nutritional info, and the client wanted reviews/star rating… no problem.

The Best Free From Shop

The main shop page is probably the most important of all, especially on a Baking Products E-Commerce Website with only 14 products, like this one. The client wanted to have 3 particular products at the top of the page, so we created a featured section. The products featured here can be swapped in and out at any time. Below this are all the products, and again, these can be listed in any order; by date, alphabetical, random or by popularity. We kept it simple Image/logo, Name, Price, Button. My opinion is that a lot of websites put information here that should only be seen on the product page itself.

Custom WooCommerce Emails

Every E-Commerce website built here at FutureProof uses WooCommerce, it’s the #1 way to sell products and take payments with WordPress. I’m obviously a big fan, I use it every single day, but it does come in a very basic format “out-of-the-box.” One of the things that need styling and design are the customer emails. As standard they are sent in in WordPress fonts, with WordPress logo and colours. For this Baking Products E-Commerce Website the colour-scheme and branding match the rest of the website.

Baking Products E-Commerce Website

This is the first of two posts about The Best Free From. This post, Baking Products E-Commerce Website covers everything E-Commerce related; selling products, customer accounts, product archives etc. The second, Recipe Blog Website in Castlerea, Roscommon covers the promotion of the shop with recipe blog posts. Check out that post and more info about E-Commerce websites with the links below…

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At the end of the page there are some extra images of the site, just click to enlarge them…

Custom Login Page

The login page, just like the customer emails, is standard to all WordPress websites. For standard, static websites, with only the administrator logging in, that’s fine, it’s only them that see it, but for a Baking Products E-Commerce Website with customer accounts, hundreds, and hopefully thousands of people will see. This page is custom branded to match the rest of the website. Also, when a customer logs in they are directed to their account page, and they are blocked from accessing any admin areas.

Customer Account Page

Customer Accounts are optional, they won’t earn you any new customers, but they will keep your existing customers coming back, and it’s one of the best ways to collect email addresses for future marketing campaigns. This account page features payment methods to speed up checkout, shipping and billing addresses, also speeding up checkout, and previous orders for customers to view. Each new account holder is added to the company email list.

E-Commerce Homepage

A Homepage is also optional, believe it or not. Some websites simply display their products, but this is a bad idea, we can do better than that. Most of my homepages are broken into sections, this one has 6 sections; a header section with image slider and search, a featured section, Christmas for example, latest recipes, reviews and social media, latest products and latest posts.

more images from this project... Baking Products E-Commerce Website

Click on any of the images below to view larger versions. Often these images are full page display of the key features above…

The Best Free From Product Page
Baking Products E-Commerce Website
The Best Free From My Account Page
The Best Free From Shop
FutureProof Digital
The Best Free From Custom Email Template

Thank you for reading about this Baking Products E-Commerce Website.

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