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Business Supplies Website, South Africa

SNappIT Business Supplies


Business Supplies Website, An E-Commerce Website in Athlone... AND South Africa.

Conner is by far the youngest client I have worked with. Having said that, he is one of the most accomplished. We first met on campus at AIT in Athlone, then for coffee a few weeks later in the town centre, to discuss his requirements. To say that this client knew what he wanted is an understatement, my job is so much easier when a client has a clear vision. The brief was to build a Business Supplies Website, a platform for business owners to customise products with their own branding and order them in bulk. The orders would be manually processed, sent to the supplier for printing, and shipped direct to the customer; a form of hybrid drop-shipping.

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SNappIT Business Supplies
Johannesburg, South Africa

Snappit is a very exciting start-up; the brainchild of Connor Watt, a young man with a bright future. Snappit supplies eco-friendly and personalised business supplies, pens, notepads, work-wear etc. as well as electrical good such as portable generators. The website would target customers in South Africa to begin with, but the business model would transfer very easily to other markets. Personally, I am excited to see how SNAppIT, and it’s owner, fair in the future.

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out...

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

We think you should to. Check them out...

WordPress, Elementor Pro, WooCommerce

Logo Design

It’s not something I get to do for every client, but the graphic design part of my job is one that I really enjoy. Graphic design for this business supplies website took the form of designing a logo. It’s simple yes, but it conveys the message, modern and eco-friendly. It was constructed in Adobe Illustrator, I use it for all logo designs, sometimes using Photoshop to add extra effects, but not in this case.

Product Customisation

I have a policy, “Never install a plugin just to save time, only use plugins to add functionality,” and this is one of those. I build websites, I like to think I’m good at that, I’m not a software programmer. This business supplies website required customers to be ale to upload their logo, enter and format text and view product mock-ups all in real time; I chose a WordPress plugin called Fancy Product Designer to do this.

Homepage & Navigation

This website isn’t Amazon, at least not yet. There are not 10,000 products, so these images can be much larger than you would normally see. The homepage is simply a selection of the most popular (to start with, what we predict to be the most popular) products. I explain to all clients, especially in the E-Commerce space, that the homepage needs to change regularly, it should grow and expand with your business.

Business Supplies Website, South Africa

Because I work with a lot of small businesses and start-ups, often I am the first person a business employs. Some web designers like to work for more established companies that employ marketing agencies to design a logo and other branding. Personally I really enjoying taking on every task associated with marketing a business.

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