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Carpentry Services Website in Castlerea

Dunleavy Carpentry

A modern stylish, Carpentry Services Website in Castlerea for Dunleavy Carpentry, a local carpentry business.

I’ve been building this type of website for more than 10 years. The first website I ever built was for a painting and decorating company in Roscommon, and a Carpentry Services Website is very similar structure.

In April of 2020 I launched a special offer for the business community of Castlerea. When lockdown restrictions were introduced I knew that rural businesses would be the hardest hit and that I would book very little work in the months that followed. What I decided to do was offer my services completely free of charge to businesses in my town, Castlerea. Some people donated money, some done shopping for elderly, others work in healthcare. I donated my time to help the local community in the best way I knew how.

The response to the offer was overwhelming. 15 local businesses booked to have a website built or have their current website updated. Dunleavy Carpentry was one of the first emails I received, and at the time of writing, June 2020, I am still working on these contracts.

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Dunleavy Carpentry
Castlerea, Co. Roscommon

Dunleavy Carpentry Specialise in all types of finished carpentry. 1st and 2nd fix joinery & timber flooring, as well as the design and manufacture of custom Staircases, bespoke Kitchens, furniture and wardrobes. Made to measure to customer specifications and requirements. Work is always completed to the highest possible standards.


“FutureProof Digital provide a very professional service and my business is growing because of the new website.”

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out...

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

We think you should to. Check them out...

WordPress, Elementor Pro


The homepage header section, especially a Carpentry Services Website, is your chance to impress new visitors to your website. Make sure it’s bold and that it makes a real statement. The homepage of Dunleavy carpentry features movement; elements slide and fade into view as you scroll down the page. In this section the title and tagline, along with their background slide in from the left, the logo zooms in from the back and 5 of the best images from around the website fade in the background.

Contact Page

Why does a business need a website? New customers! Yes, and most come in one of two types; they want to buy a product or they need to book a service. For a carpentry services website like this one, people need to contact the business owner or member of staff, the contact page is vital. Nothing too flashy here, this page if functional; email address, phone number, a bit of explanation text, and a contact form, that’s it. This page should be easily accessible from everywhere on the website.

Logo, Font & Colour Scheme

This is what I had to work with. It might not seem a lot, but this simple image has so many elements that contribute to the design of a website. It has the logo, this would feature everywhere on the site. It has the font, this would be replicated in a number of formats for heading a copy. And it has 3 colours, for a website like this, more than enough.

Carpentry Services Website in Castlerea

Every website is different, right? Well, they may look different. Every website should be unique, that’s why I don’t use templates or themes in my designs. But selling a service has a formula and a Carpentry Services Website has many similarities to a building contractor’s website or a painting and decorating website.

Every website needs a homepage, it serves 2 purposes; it ranks for the name of the business, collecting all the search visitors earned by offline advertising and it asks as an index page for the rest of the website. The contact page is vital, it’s how the potential customers get in touch with you. In addition to these pages, every service provided needs it’s own page. Dunleavy Carpentry has six of these pages; KitchensFurniture and Joinery & Staircases, with 3 sub-pages; Kitchen RefurbishmentSitting Room Furniture and Bedroom Furniture.

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Motion, Scroll & Sticky Effects

Carpentry is a visual trade, the majority of the work is in functional aesthetics, a staircase is much more than just a way to get to the second floor. A carpentry services website is much the same, much more than a collection of text and hyperlinks. A website for carpenter has to be pleasing to the eye and I achieved this with movement, motion effects. The menu bar, when the scroll reaches it, sticks to the top of page. The clarity and opacity of the images increase as they are moved over. The text boxes slide in from the left and the logos fade in from the background.

Google Analytics & Search Console

Dunleavy Carpentry is built using WordPress, and that makes one of the essential jobs much easier; registering with Google. Installing Google Site Kit on your website tags every page, making traffic analysis with Google Search Console and Google Analytics easy. I’ve started installing this on all my websites recently. I also submit a sitemap and registering clients with Google My Business. Many of these ranking/SEO tasks are not included by other web designers.

more images from this project... Carpentry Services Website in Castlerea

Click on any of the images below to view larger versions. Often these images are full page display of the key features above…

Dunleavy Carpentry Homepage
Carpentry Services Website in Castlerea
Dunleavy Carpentry Homepage, Kitchen Section
Dunleavy Carpentry Furniture Page
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Web Design in Castlerea
Dunleavy Carpentry Website in various screen sizes

Thank you for reading about this Carpentry Services Website in Castlerea.

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