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Fierce Fun Faces

Based in Co. Roscommon, Fierce Fun Faces is owned and managed by mum of 3, Rachel Connolly, who is also the senior face painter. Fierce Fun faces started as a single face painter in 2018. Before this, Rachel had been face painting for a number of years as a hobby. Already looking for a change in direction and a need to develop her creative side, Rachel decided to focus on the business in 2019 and expanded services to include balloon modelling and glitter tattoos. Fierce Fun Faces continues to thrive and expand and 2023 has seen the addition of more services being added to their family entertainment options, like their fierce fun disco packages!


The Brief

Fierce Fun Faces needed a playful, vibrant and easy to navigate new website. A website that matched the fun party services for kids, creating those magic memories and growing the business beyond the county. Fierce Fun Faces asked for a website that would appeal to the big kids inside the adults!

Presenting clear pricing information was important, for the variety of services available and the various party packages. In addition, as a small business, the website admin area needed to be easy to use so that Rachel could take over the running of her website. She would like to easily update it with her own images and text, as and when she needed to. A user-friendly gallery would also be an essential component showcasing the work that the business does, and communicating that to potential customers.

Fierce Fun Faces Image Gallery

The Process

The design process starts with a “Coming Soon” page. This page tells Google that a website is on the way, and when the site is published it ranks faster. It tells potential customers something exciting is launching and provides the contact details for enquiries. At FutureProof Digital we use WordPress exclusively. It’s the perfect software solution for almost all small businesses. For this client we would also install Elementor Pro to develop a custom theme, and Crocoblock JetEngine database management, the image gallery for example. We build a custom admin dashboard for each client. This user friendly interface, more akin to a social media platform allows the business owner to add and update content, add and update media, and change basic business info.

To add the fun elements to the website we wanted to evoke Rachel’s primary party service, face painting. Using Adobe Photoshop, we designed a number of custom paint splashes in branded colours. GDPR and privacy is a big deal in this industry and using real-world images can be problematic, so we included a number of stock images, from stock library subscriptions, to create the party vibe.

Fierce Fun Faces is growing fast, and recently they have started to add more services, kids discos for example. We are adding additional service pages, using the theme and templates already in place, to advertise these new services.

Coming Soon Page SERP ranking

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“Coming Soon” Page

A "website coming soon" page serves as a placeholder for a website in development. It typically includes basic information about the site, social media links and contact info for the business. It also builds anticipation and generates buzz around a new website. By providing a small glimpse of what’s to come, it can help to attract potential customers, and can even rank in the search results before launch.


Custom Graphic Design

Custom graphics can be an important aspect of a web design project. It’s not always required but for some it really brings some extra style. Adobe Photoshop is our go-to tool for this work. It’s a powerful tool for creating and manipulating images, and it can be used to create graphics, enhancing the visual appeal of a website, specifically on desktop where it can be most impactful.

For this client we designed a number of colourful paint splashes reflecting both the branding of the company and the primary service they provide.


Custom Image Gallery

An image gallery can be a valuable addition to a website, helping to improve its visual appeal, user experience, and SEO, while showcasing products or services and telling a brand's story. We use Crocoblock JetEngine to build custom galleries for our clients, styled specifically for each brand and programmed for even a WordPress novice to manage and update.

The Results

  • A “Coming Soon” page, ranking before the website went live and increasing visibility
  • A vibrant, engaging and bold colour scheme to reflect the party services and target audience.
  • A website that the client is able to regularly update with images, updates, events and new services.
  • High number of visitors and interactions reported since the website launch resulting in the continued expansion of the business for the client.
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