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My Hand Painted Furniture


A Hand Painted Kitchen Website, My Hand Painted Furniture. It’s high performance, page highlights and the key features

In this web design project, we’ll take a look at the design of this Hand Painted Kitchen Website, My Hand Painted Furniture. The why and the how of it’s high performance, page highlights and the key features. This website, although it has pages advertising the services provided by My Hand Painted Furniture, was primarily a blog. Every job had a post written about it, with the title, “Service x, in Location Y.” These posts were promoted on social media, and performed extremely well in the search results. Unfortunately, due to a serious work injury, My Hand Painted Furniture is no longer in business. The Hand Painted Kitchen Website described here is a demo of what the website looked like in 2017.

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My Hand Painted Furniture
Roscommon, Ireland

My Hand Painted Furniture was one of the first, the largest and most successful specialist kitchen and furniture painting businesses in Ireland. This success was in large part due to their suburb search marketing and social media advertising. At their peak My Hand Painted Furniture reduced their offline marketing and advertising spending to zero.


“People said that was crazy when, at the height of the recession, I specialised a business into a small niche and expanded the target area to include 3 major cities; Dublin, Galway, Belfast. Adam understood immediately what I was trying to achieve and he knew how to get the job done.”

He is unique in that he understands not only web design, but the search result, Google and Facebook Ads and social media. I think that where a lot of businesses go wrong; they expect results from just a website or social media alone. Promoting a business online is a package of skills, Adam has these skills.

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out...

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

We think you should to. Check them out...

WordPress, Elementor Pro

Homepage Sections

The best images need to feature on the Homepage. This homepage was split into 2 sections, for each of the services, kitchens and furniture. Each section featured a large, high quality image, the name of the service, a short description, the best review of that service by a previous client, and a link to a more detailed page.

High Quality Images

The credit for the images goes more to the client than it does to me, but I wanted to include it here because, for a service website like this one, it is absolutely vital. If you don’t have good images, then your website visitors can’t see what you can do, and they will email or call the competition.

Contact Page

Probably the most important page on a service provider website is the Contact Page. Your new customers need to get in touch with you. Every website needs to make the contact process idiot proof, the link to this should be visible everywhere on the site, on every page or post, and it should only be a single click away.

Hand Painted Kitchen Website

My Hand Painted Furniture wanted to take their business to the next level. A new website, and related marketing was only part of the jigsaw, they had just moved into a new workshop, and employed new staff. They needed to bring in enough work to pay for this expansion. They had an excellent platform to launch from… most importantly for me, designing the website, was a vast back catalogue of high quality images, an engaged social media following, and a belief in the power of digital marketing.

The main website was small, Homepage, Contact Page, Hand Painted Kitchens, and Hand Painted Furniture. The bulk of the content came in the form of blog posts, targeting individual service types, hand painted kitchen dresser for example, and locations; Hand Painted Kitchen Dresser in Dublin. The website, and related social media, represented 100% of the marketing for My Hand Painted Furniture, reducing their cost per contract substantially.

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Blog Post Template & Training

Every business needs to employ expertise from time to time, and asking for advice is not the mark of a bad businessperson, but a good one. All the key ingredients for a grade A digital marketing campaign were already in place, they just needed to be cooked. Social media posts arranged into individual web pages targeting services and locations in the search results, that’s all that was needed.

Facebook Ads & Google Adwords

This Hand Painted Kitchen Website was backed up with paid advertising. In the same way that each post targeted a location, the promotional ads for this post would also target that location. There was also a campaign to increase the number of Facebook Page Fans. Adverts would target women, aged 25-65, in high income brackets, in all the major Irish cities.

Service Pages

The two service pages, Hand Painted Kitchens and Hand Painted Furniture are linked to from the homepage, and from every blog post that relates to them. They feature a selection of the best images, reviews by previous clients and the unique selling points of that service.

Thank you for reading about this Hand Painted Kitchen Website.

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