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Irish Political Website

Pauline Tully

Irish Political Website - Pauline Tully is TD for Cavan/Monaghan & Sinn Fein spokes person on Disability & Carers.

Before we get into this Irish Political Website, a little background… In mid-February this year (2021) I got a call from the office of Pauline Tully, TD for Cavan/Monaghan, and a prominent member of the opposition front bench, with responsibility for disability and carers. I had written extensively about politics, the design of political websites and other related topics over the past year, so I was very pleased that the hours of research had paid off. An Irish Political Website, or any website in this space, is not a complicated design or development process, these websites only really perform a single function… the provide information to the public. What they’re about is user experience and ease of navigation.

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Pauline Tully
County Cavan

Pauline Tully TD is the Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Disability and Carers and TD for Cavan-Monaghan. Pauline is Leas-Cathaoirleach of the Oireachtas Disability Matters Committee. Elected to Cavan County Council in 1999 for the Ballyjamesduff Electoral Area, Pauline retained the seat until 2012 when she resigned to meet the then care needs of her children. Pauline is passionate about her community and is a strong voice in the Dáil for the people of Cavan, Monaghan and North Meath.

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out...

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

We think you should to. Check them out...

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News & Updates

The bread and butter, the life-blood of an Irish Political Website, is the news and updates section. And I can’t take all the credit here; Pauline Tully’s assistant has been writing posts for some time, on a different platform. Every time Pauline speaks in the Dail he types it up and publishes it, this process will continue, almost unchanged, on this website. The difference… the posts will look better, optimised for search terms, and automatically sent to the email list.

Essential Functionality

This screenshot of the footer contains so much of what is important about an Irish Political Website. 2 box images; o the left a link to the main party website membership form, on the right, a party headline that again links the party website, this time the homepage. Below this on the left we have all the relevant contact information, and the right the sign up form for updates that we looked at above, also some social icons.

Temporary Content Section

Every year Sinn Fein run a national draw to raise funds. Pauline Tully wants to advertise this on the website homepage… but not all year round, just for the time that the draw is running. This section can be turned on when the draw starts, and then off again when it’s over. The link leads directly to party website. The image chosen features prominent party figures, this builds trust, a key component of all websites, but especially an Irish Political Website.

Irish Political Website

Below are some exerts from a recent post, the link to that post, Political Website Design, is below that. I think much of it is relevant to this Irish Political Website, as so few of our public representatives have their own website…

“How many of our elected representatives have a website? TDs, MEPs etc… 90% ?… 80% ? Would you be surprised if I told you that less than half of our TDs have their own website? And that this number for local Council members is far lower.”

“If you are a politician, or you hope to be in the future, I suppose the first, and obvious question is… “Why do I need a website?” It’s a fair question, and there are a number of reasons why. The first, is control of the search results. When your name is Googled (and if you are successful it will be, a lot) you want to be in control of the content that people see. A website is an important part of this.

The second is content. You need a place to publish articles, and other written content such as press releases, so that voters can read about who you are and what you believe in. Social media plays a role in this, but your website leads the way.”

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Thank you for reading about this Irish Political Website.

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