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Response .? Clothing Co.

Roscommon, Ireland

August, 2017

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E-Commerce websites are a challenge. An online store features so much interaction between the user and the site. All of this interaction, including payments, user accounts, shipping, automated emails and more all has to be managed. It has to run all on it’s own, leaving the owner to run their business. This client was a real pleasure to work for, they appreciated the challenges. But at the same time they knew what they wanted.

About Response .? Clothing Co....

Response .? is an online T-shirt retailer based in Roscommon Ireland. They’re speciality is T-shirts featuring slogans in the Irish language. They also feature lines in music, especially the rock genre. When I started work with them, to develop the online store, the business was little more than a concept; as the website grew the idea grew with it.
We needed 3 things; A high impact, user friendly website. Quick turnaround, 6 weeks. A cost effective budget and timescale. We got all of this and more.

Adam was more like a member of staff. He understood what we were looking to do, he understood financial constraints and he delivered more than we expected, on time and on budget.

I would recommend him to everyone, and I have done. Thanks again Adam we'll be working together again in the future I'm sure.
Online Store, Roscommon Log
Response .? Clothing Co.
Online Store, Roscommon Log

Domain Name & Hosting

The Domain Name was simple. The company name was available at just €12 so we went with that. This process can sometimes be more complicated; the name may be taken or prohibitively expensive. Sometimes it can be a difficult decision because the company name is too long or a client wishes to have the service they provide in the URL.

We include the Domain Name, registration and in most cases, 12 months hosting with our web design packages (depending on the package chosen by the client). After the specified period the client can choose to move the website to their their own hosting plan or continue to have us manage it for them.

WooCommerce, FutureProof Digital E-Commerce Websites.

“WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. Launched on September 27, 2011,the plugin quickly became popular for its simplicity to install and customize and free base product.”

Printful - Drop Shipping for an Online Store

You design a product. Your drop-shipping supplier then manufactures that product each time it is ordered and delivers it direct to the customer. You never see any of your stock (unless you order samples of course).

In the case of this Online Store a customer will order and pay for a T-shirt with either credit/debit card or PayPal on responseclothingco.com. That order will automatically be received by Printful. They debit your account for the cost of supply, print and ship. They manufacture the item and ship it direct to your customer. This automation takes place because of the interaction between the plugins on your WordPress website, the interaction between WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe and Printful. It’s our job at FutureProof Digital to ensure that these elements are installed, set-up, integrated and run correctly.

Stripe & PayPal are what is known as Payment Gateways. They handle your customers payment method and details. This isn’t something you want to be doing even if you could. Imagine it like this… There is a small piece of their software on your website that when clicked processes their card details (in the case of PayPal the customer is directed to their payment portal and then returned to your website). This software then informs both the customer and your website that the transaction was successful and the order can be processed.

Website Design Process

In many ways the most important phase of the process is the design phase. We interact with the client the most during this time to garner a sense of what they want to achieve. 

In this case it was done over the space of 3 weeks, with numerous phone calls, emails and two face to face meetings. If you get things right at this point everyone’s life is easier in the long run.

We work we with a Content Management System or CMS called WordPress, so that decision has already been made. To begin with the client would only be selling T-shirts via a Drop-Shipping Provider, Printful. Because of how smooth the integration is with an Online Store the decision was made to use WooCommercePayPal and Stripe Payments.

All 4 of the above services act as WordPress plugins; a plugin adds extra functionality to a CMS. On the left here is a short description of what each of these functions are. And below are some useful links to learn more about how this process works.

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We can't do everything...

At this point in the process it’s vital that we have some products to sell, every Online Store needs stock. We can’t do that, it’s up to the client. 

Printful makes life extremely easy in this respect. The process of designing the T-shirts generates all the information that ends up being displayed on the website; product images, colours, sizes, prices… everything. This was my first experience of Printful, we design websites, we don’t don’t make T-shirts. But I have to say I have been very impressed by them.

FutureProof Digital

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The web design process is a collaboration, easy to understand but most importantly friendly. We listen to your requirements, we listen to your needs. It’s your website, you need to love it as much as we do.

Number 73 Sheldon T-shirt. Online Store Web Design, FutureProof Digital.
Slash T-Shirt - Online Store, Roscommon.

These are the product images generated by the Printful software. The designs are created by the staff at Response .? and uploaded to Printful. Then Printful synchronizes with the WooCommerce software generating a product available for sale through your Online store. Clever stuff right?

Click here to head over to the Response .? website and take a look for yourself.

The Visual Web Design of Response .? Clothing Co.

Website Structure

When you install WooCommerce on your website it creates a number of pages automatically; vital pages like your checkout, cart and customer account pages. It also creates a shop page (WordPress does not have any of this functionality as standard). Every time you create a new product this is the first place it shows up.

There are two option for your shop page. It can replace the home page or it can be a separate page linked to from the home page. There are many factors to take into account when deciding this, but if you have one main business goal (in this case selling T-shirts) then it makes sense to use the shop page as your home page. If you have a number of business goals; selling products and providing services or you sell multiple different types of products then you may require a text based front page to explain this to your customers. Each case is different. 

The structure and navigation of this Online Store is as follows;

E-Commerce Home Page

Traditionally the most important page of any website. In most cases the highest volume of traffic. These days your Home Page isn’t always your biggest asset. We recommend that you use it to target searches for your business name, not a product or service you provide. It captures the traffic generated by your offline advertising.

In this case the Online Store is selling only one type of product, although in a number of different categories, we’ll get the those shortly. 

This Home Page is a “Showcase.”  At the top, a product search and navigation menu, give visitors what they expect to see. Next, featured T-shirt collection, in this case “The Irish Phrasebook Collection” the range of Irish Language T-shirts

Response Home Page - SEO for an Online Store Featured Image
E-Commerce Website Home Page

We have a right sidebar on a number of the transnational pages, including this one. At the top of this we have USP information (unique selling point). The company ships all their T-shirts for free and when you buy 2 or more you get 20% off. Further down there are search and filter options. 

The main body of the content contains T-shirts, from all categories. These can be ordered by the client in any way. They can choose to have new items at the top, best selling items or sale items. This is something to be experimented with over time.

Response Nav Menu

Simple Navigation

Above is the main menu. It can be tempting to fill this up with everything you have. But keeping it simple is always the best play. Home, that’s a must, visitors should always have a way back there, no matter what page they are on. There are, next to this the 4 main T-shirt Collections, that’s it. At a later stage a drop down could the added listed as “More Collections” as the business grows.

Product Categories

You’ve all visited an Online Store; eBay, Amazon or even Tesco. They break down their items into categories; electrical, home an garden, fruit and veg. On the right here is a category page from Response .? Clothing Co. The Irish Phrasebook Collection

This has 2 benefits. First it makes the customer happy. They find it much easier to navigate their way around the store and find what they want. Imagine your local supermarket without the isles and signs. It would be very difficult to find what you were looking for, especially if you had never been there before.

Second, SEO. We’ll look at targeting search terms in more detail shortly, but for now try and think of how many people search for the word “T-shirt.” A lot right? Now, how many websites are trying to get noticed in Google when somebody types “T-shirts.” Again, it’s a lot. Product Category pages target search terms with lower competition eg. “Guitar Player T-shirts” or “Big Bang Theory T-shirts.” It’s all about using your Online Store website to target as many search terms as possible.

FutureProof Digital

Empowering Business... Empowering People

Accessable, Responsive Websites for Small Business, Start-Ups and Public Figures. Future Proof & Robust Design, built to grow alongside you, achieving your Goals.

The web design process is a collaboration, easy to understand but most importantly friendly. We listen to your requirements, we listen to your needs. It’s your website, you need to love it as much as we do.

Response Irish Language Cat. Page. Online Store, FutureProof Digital.
Response Single Product Page

Online Store Product Pages

This is where the magic happens. You have your website visitors through one, two, maybe three pages and they like what they see. Now it’s time to seal the deal. Every question your customers might have should be answered here. “Can I get that T-shirt in red?””Do you have my size?””How long will it take or my T-shirt to arrive?”

It can be tough putting the text together. We do help with this but it depends on the product. If it is a very technical or specialized product we will need to be given the info.

Colours and sizes are vital, right at the top of the page, along with product images. Every web page that sells a product should have the most important information at the top, the second next and so on. 

Response .? make a donation to charity from every T-shirt, there is a lot of information about that. At the bottom of the page are related products (these are automatically shown by WooCommerce and are taken from the same category main product.

Online Store Cart & Checkout Pages

Your customer is almost at the end of their journey through your website. And they’ve had a happy time. They have some items in their shopping cart… don’t blow it now!!

Everything on this page must be clear, simple and easy to understand. This is where the customer can enter a code to get 20% if they buy 2 or more T-shirts.

Analytics will be important for the Cart page. I’ll cover this in more detail shortly but I would expect to see a proportion of visitors (those with only 1 item in their cart) returning to shop pages to add another item. These actions can be specified and viewed in Google Analytics.

And finally, the checkout page. The 2 plugins we discussed earlier, Stripe and PayPal, do their work here. If you set them up correctly then it should look a bit like this one on the right.

Of course, every client and every website is different. But I hope this write up has given you an idea of what is involved, what is achievable and how FutureProof Digital can bring your vision of an Online Store to life. 

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