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Recipe Blog Website in Castlerea, Roscommon

The Best Free From

A Recipe Blog Website to promote a Small Business in Roscommon selling Low Carb. Baking Products

This project, a Recipe Blog Website in Castlerea, Roscommon, is the second of two about the work we did for The Best Free From, a local business in Castlerea. The business had a website already, but the owner was new to running an online business and it’s wasn’t performing how she needed it to. The contract was a hybrid of a completely new design and a transfer of existing content. It was a pleasure, start-to-finish. The client was extremely easy to work with, and we got on really well, that always helps.

This portion of the contract involved transferring the content, text and images only, into newly designed templates. The primary reason for this transfer is Google, they tell webmasters how to format certain types of content, recipes for example, and they rank this content accordingly. More on this, and schema mark-up to follow.

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The Best Free From
Castlerea, Co. Roscommon

The Best Free From, also known as Low Carb. Cakes & More on Facebook, is a start-up food business based in Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. The primary product offering is a range of healthy baking dry mixes, including sweet, savoury and bread mixes, plus a range of related products. To promote these products The Best Free From writes regular recipe blog posts and makes YouTube guides. Working for this business has been one of my 2020 highlights, and I’m very excited to watch, and help in any way I can, the development of this business.


“I highly recommend Adam at FutureProof Digital, he has done a great job on my website He understood my needs and absolutely worked around my requirements. Thank you for the amazing work for all the local business, very generous.”

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out...

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

We think you should to. Check them out...

WordPress, Elementor Pro, ACF, CPT UI

Recipe Post Template

This is where this Recipe Blog Website project began, with the recipe page. There’s a lot of information required to write a recipe, readers need information, Google, and the other search engines need information also. The information might be the same, but it needs to be in a particular format for the search engines, a format they can understand. For example; image, cooking time, yield and star rating can all be shown in the search results.

Recipe Post Archive

All the recipes are kept on the recipe page (what we call a WordPress Archive). Search is very important to the client, she talks to customers every day about the products available on the website, she wants to direct them to particular recipes by search. There is a large search bar on every archive page. There are currently 4 filters on this Recipe Blog Website, “cake recipes” for example, for readers to refine the type of recipes they are looking at. Over time, these will change and be added to. These changes will be user led; if a particular type of recipe gets a lot of traffic, it will get a dedicated filter.

Standard Blog Posts

The client also wanted standard blog posts to be available, not just recipes. . A place where she could write about what she’s been up to, or write a post about a new product available on the website, like a press release. That was, or course, no problem, WordPress comes with this functionality. What did require a little work was the template, how the post looks to the reader. I created a template that looks like a recipe post but without all the code that tells Google it’s a recipe. The end user has more flexibility with this post type.

Recipe Blog Website in Castlerea, Roscommon

This is the second of two posts about The Best Free From. This post, Recipe Blog Website in Castlerea, Roscommon covers everything recipe related. The first, Baking Products E-Commerce Website, covers E-Commerce related; selling products, customer accounts, product archives etc.. Check out that post and more info about E-Commerce websites with the links below…

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Thank you for reading about this Recipe Blog Website in Castlerea, Roscommon.

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