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Response .? Clothing Co.

Roscommon Ireland.

December, 2017

WordPress, Yoast SEO, Elementor Pro, WooCommerce

E-Commerce websites need optimising for search like any other website. Many businesses rely on advertising alone to drive traffic and customers but this misses an opportunity; free traffic and customers via search. Other forms of marketing are vital for the success of an online; in this case micro blogging, Instagram and email marketing. But SEO for an Online Store must be the first priority. Let’s take a look at Response .? Clothing Co. a recent web design contract here at FutureProof Digital, as an example.

About Response .? Clothing Co....

Response .? is an online T-shirt retailer based in Roscommon Ireland. They’re speciality is T-shirts featuring slogans in the Irish language. They also feature lines in music, especially the rock genre. When I started work with them, to develop the online store, the business was little more than a concept; as the website grew the idea grew with it.
We needed 3 things; A high impact, user friendly website. Quick turnaround, 6 weeks. A cost effective budget and timescale. We got all of this and more.

Adam was more like a member of staff. He understood what we were looking to do, he understood financial constraints and he delivered more than we expected, on time and on budget.

I would recommend him to everyone, and I have done. Thanks again Adam we'll be working together again in the future I'm sure.
Response .? Clothing Co. Logo - SEO for an Online Store
Response .? Clothing Co.
Response .? Clothing Co. Logo - SEO for an Online Store

E-Commerce Analytics & SEO for an Online Store

The things you do at the start will help you out so much in the future, as a website grows. It’s better to get it right rather than having to fix mistakes. When you choose a Website Plan with FutureProof Digital we do all the essential registrations and integrations for you. 

Before you can do any SEO for an Online Store you need to know what success looks like. To do that Google provides a number of free services to web masters to analyse your traffic, from search, social media and other sources.

Click here to Learn more about Search Engine Optimization. 

Google Analytics Logo

Every website, from the day they launch (preferably before, to get things configured correctly) should sign up with Google Analytics. We do this for you. Google Analytics is completely free, they provide it to all website owners. It tracks and records very visit to your website, what they do when they get there how they leave and everything in between. If you want to know the 3rd page that people from Canada visit most on a Wednesday afternoon then Google Analytics has the answer. Before any SEO for an Online Store can be done, this is first on the list.

We integrate Google Analytics with your website correctly and create a basic dashboard to display all your key metrics. If you decide to sign up for an extended Management & SEO Plan with us you will also receive a detailed monthly Analytics Report.

Google Search Console, another free Google product, is a goldmine of info about your site. It’s more about the relationship between your site and Google, than it is about your site visitors. As we do with Analytics, we set all this up for you.

What’s the difference between Analytics and Search Console? – I’ll let Angela Petteys at Moz take this one…

Google Search Console Logo

“GA is more about who is visiting your site—how many visitors you’re getting, how they’re getting to your site, how much time they’re spending on your site, and where your visitors are coming from (geographically-speaking). Google Search Console, in contrast, is geared more toward more internal information—who is linking to you, if there is malware or other problems on your site, and which keyword queries your site is appearing for in search results.”

Google My Business Logo

There are not many agencies that would include this in there Online Store set-up but we believe it adds enough value to make it worthwhile. This only applies if you have a bricks ‘n mortar location (a shop customer can visit and buy your products) as well as a website. It’s how businesses gain visibility in local search results and needs to be configured correctly for best results.

SEO for this website is unlike any other I have encountered before. Imagine for a second that you were an inventor (and maybe you are). Your latest invention or anything like it has never been seen before…

How do you optimize a web page for search terms with zero traffic?

For the product pages you have to ignore traffic numbers. And optimize for the future. At the same time concentrate on category/T-shirt collection pages. These have terms within them that there is traffic for; “guitar player t-shirts” “irish language t-shirts “big bang theory t-shirts.” My remit here was to do the basics. Keywords in URL, Title tag, Meta Description, Image Alt. tags etc. Link Building is one of, if not the most important building block of SEO for an Online Store. It wasn’t part of this package, but we’ll deal with it in another portfolio post. 

It’s impossible for me to talk about how we optimize our websites here at FutureProof Digital without talking about Yoast. Instead of making a list of all the things you need to do to get your Online Store, or service website, or any website noticed by the search engines we use Yoast. It’s free, and it’s amazing.

Digital Marketing Strategy for E-Commerce

The promotion of Response .? Clothing Co. wasn’t exactly part of our remit. They had the idea that “Socially Responsible T-shirts” would have a lot of organic pull. Working with the charity sector would amplify their twitter and Facebook posts, I agreed with this. I would like to work with the company again on their SEO and email marketing. This is what I would do.

Micro Blogging

The nature of the business, Drop-Shipping, charity partnership etc. lends it’s to fast, as it happens, marketing. 2-3 times per day, 300 word posts relating to topical Irish and international news stories. A T-shirt can be designed to match, or an existing T-shirt promoted along with it. The team would need to be nimble, but it could be done.


I not a huge fan of the term Influencer or how a majority of them operate their “business.” But, this does not mean that using Instagram is off the table when you work with FutureProof Digital. Finding, and maintaining a list of relevant hash-tags, identifying key accounts for a T-shirt Collection niche and building a loyal following could make Instagram an battleground for Response .? 

Email Marketing

I spoke about email marketing at great length with this client but their commitment to trusting organic search and social channels first was very strong. A decision I really respect. 

But, email marketing is such is an easy win. Everyone should have some kind of email strategy.

Of course you want everyone who comes to your website to make a purchase but building an email list is also important. Mailchimp take care of all of this for you. Forms on your website, in all the right places and an opt in at the end of the checkout. With this list you can start a weekly newsletter and inform previous visitors to your website, especially those who already made a purchase, of new products and special offers.

Of course, every client and every website is different. But I hope this write up has given you an idea of what is involved, what is achievable and how FutureProof Digital can bring your vision of an Online Store to life. 

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