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My Hand Painted Furniture

Roscommon Ireland.


September, 2016

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Here, we’ll take a look at the design of this Specialist Tradesman Website, My Hand Painted Furniture. The why and the how of it’s high performance and the return on investment. In further write-ups and posts we’ll look at their social media, search advertising, both paid and organic, plus how they generated such high traffic for low volume search terms.

About My Hand Painted Furniture...

My Hand Painted Furniture was one of the first, and the largest and most successful specialist kitchen and furniture painting businesses in Ireland. This success was in large part due to their suburb search marketing and social media advertising. At their peak My Hand Painted Furniture reduced their offline marketing and advertising spending to zero.
People said that was crazy when, at the height of the recession, I specialised a business into a small niche and expanded the target area to include 3 major cities; Dublin, Galway, Belfast. Adam understood immediately what I was trying to achieve and he knew how to get the job done.

He is unique in that he understands not only web design, but the search result, Google and Facebook Ads and social media. I think that where a lot of businesses go wrong; they expect results from just a website or social media alone. Promoting a business online is a package of skills, Adam has these skills.
My Hand Painted Furniture Logo
My Hand Painted Furniture
My Hand Painted Furniture Logo

Web Design Process

“Content is king.” This old cliche… but it’s true. The impact of this website would not be in it’s design, the bells and whistles as we call them, but in the images of the work. This is what would sell My Hand Painted Furniture to their client base.

We had absolutely amazing photography to work with, it makes the design process so much easier.

Let’s take a look at our brief. This is a section of the document emailed to the client before work starts. It is our interpretation of what is required, based on lengthy discussion with the client. It speaks in broad, general terms and performs a single function; every single thing we add to the website, whether it’s an entire page or a line of text must contribute to meeting the overall goals of the website. If it doesn’t meet the standards set out here then it’s taken out or changed.


My Hand Painted Furniture is unique in the Irish market. A trade/craft that on the face of it would be a local service, but instead operating as a national brand. A small specialist decorating company, specifically focused on hand painted kitchens and furniture. Contracts are in the main west of the Shannon, Roscommon. Galway, Athlone, Sligo. There website, and the social media that feeds it’s traffic, are in good health for a small target niche; Approx. 1000 Unique visits per month, 5000+ Facebook Page Fans, 2000 Twitter followers.

Recent structural improvements to the business; extra staff and workshop expansion, need higher web traffic figures, increased social media engagement, increased inquiry numbers and hence more bookings. There is room for local expansion but the primary goal is to expand into new locations, targeting a similar demographic with the same services.


  1. Publicise My Hand Painted Furniture in Search : The first goal of any almost every website is the most obvious but should always be stated. When designing a website structure it’s important to have one or more of these goals in mind for every page.
  2. To expand My Hand Painted Furniture : The website must target existing demographics in new geographic areas with existing services. Blog Posts eg. “Hand Painted Kitchens in Dublin,” or “Furniture Painting in Belfast.”
  3. To gain traction in Search & Social for for the service and it’s quality : A website should always have a larger purpose, especially one promoting the idea of quality craftsmanship. My Hand Painted Furniture needs a nationwide community, friends and family sharing posts with each other, “window shopping.”

The Visual Design of a Specialist Tradesman Website

Website Structure

Some websites have an extremely complicated structure with thousands or even tens of thousands of pages, but it’s always helpful to visualise the structure, even for small sites. This type of website has a simple hierarchy of top level pages, with blog posts, and their categories, acting as vehicles for targeting geographic areas with services. There are only 2 categories; Furniture Painting and Kitchen Painting. The best of these posts link into and out of the Hand Painted Furniture and Hand Painted Kitchen pages respectively as well as appearing in chronological order on the blog page. High performing posts will also feature on the Home Page.

My Hand Painted Furniture Website Flowchart

Specialist Tradesman Home Page

The Home Page is best described as a large advert. It features highlights of what visitors can expect to find deeper in the website, with links to this content.

Banner Image, Opening Copy & Call-to-Action

A Call-to-Action refers to a website element that encourages website visitors to take an action, an action that meets one of your goals (outlined above). We have 3 of these on the page, placed at the top of each section. The phone number (on mobile a tap on the number will send it to the phone and make the call), and a large button link to the contact page.

Each section features 5 elements…

1. Banner Image

Simple, the best photograph you have of the particular service provided. The best go on the Home Page, then on the service page, then into blog posts.

2. Title / Link

The name of the service, using a H2 tag that links to a page about this service. More on these pages later.

3. Description

A short description of the service, no longer than 3 or 4 sentences. Why your customer needs this services and why you are the company to provide it. This can also be the introductory paragraph of the dedicated service page linked to from the title above.

4. Customer Testimonial

Not necessarily your best work, but your best review. Make sure that it’s related to this service and make sure that it’s real.

5. Featured Blog Post

Choose your best best post related to this particular service. Asses this by quality of images, your best writing, high priority location target etc. Feature the best image you have and a short description.

Trust Signals

The Google Search Rater Guidelines have been in the spotlight recently. Google employs search raters all over the world to perform searches and manually rate the results according to a list of criteria. The rating does not directly affect ranking, it’s more that the data is fed into the algorithm.

Since 2015 these guidelines have emphasised E-A-T, Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. A service provider Website needs E-A-T. Contact info. needs to be everywhere, you need a lot of customer reviews, links to social media even your address.

My Hand Painted Furniture Home Page. Specialist Tradesman Website

A Specialist Tradesman Website Essential Pages

So you have you Home Page nailed, what’s next? Well, the rest of the website has to expand on the outline given on the Home Page. My Hand Painted Furniture provide two key services; hand painted kitchens and hand painted furniture. Potential customers will use these terms when searching so they both get a page detailing the service.

The blog is another important page. Every contract is given it’s own post. We’ll discuss how this works later.

Probably the most important page is the contact page. It’s in the main menu and links to it evenly distributed through posts and pages. It should not be too complicated; phone number, email address, contact form. You can put Twitter and/or Facebook feed on this page if you wish.

Specialist Tradesman Website Service Page 1
Hand Painted Kitchen Page
Specialist Tradesman Website Blog Page
Furniture Painting Blog Page

Using Blog Posts to Target Locations

When My Hand Painted Furniture completes a contract in a particular area we generate a URL eg…


This post will describe the contract is as much detail as possible. There will be links to high end tools and equipment used (the company will earn a small commission if this link is followed and a purchase is made), but most importantly there will be numerous high quality images; of the furniture before the work began, of the process during the contract and a number of images of the results. 

The goal of these posts is to target geographic areas using search and social. Imagine a potential customer in North Dublin using Google to find a company to paint a kitchen dresser, we want them to read, and be impressed by this post. The posts will also be used on Facebook. An advert will be created, using one of the high quality images and a link to this post. Facebook’s ad targeting will then be used; 

Location – 50km radius of the contract featured in the post.

Demographics – Women, aged 25-60, married, high income brackets. This is their typical customer type.

FutureProof Digital

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The web design process is a collaboration, easy to understand but most importantly friendly. We listen to your requirements, we listen to your needs. It’s your website, you need to love it as much as we do.

Specialist Tradesman Website Contact Page
My Hand Painted Furniture Contact Page
Specialist Tradesman Website Service Page 2
Hand Painted Furniture Page
Furniture Painting Blog Post

Thank you for reading, I hope it explains the requirements of a Specialist Tradesman Website. Does this describes your business; maybe you work with timber, or metal or leather, any business craft related, unusual and visually striking? Get in touch, let’s discuss how we can work together on your, your branding and your marketing.

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