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We'll get to Service Page SEO in just a moment, but first, let's talk about your business. If you run a business that provides services and you think about your website, and how it advertises your business, you need to do 3 things; first, think about each individual service you provide, for example, a beauty salon might do facial treatments, nail treatments and tanning, these are all distinct services. Then, think about what people type into the search engines when they are looking for a business like yours.. And lastly... match the two together.

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We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting, we think you should to. Check them out...

We use SiteGround for all our Web Hosting

We think you should to. Check them out...

If you are a service provider, and you don’t have a page optimised for each of the services you provide, you could be missing out on a lot of traffic to your website, and worse customers, because your competition will be providing the service instead of you. If you’re a carpenter, you might have a page called “Carpentry Services,” but do you have a page called fitted furniture, or garden decking or roofing services? When people do a Google search for these terms the pages you have may not show up at all, because they are not optimised correctly. That’s Service Page SEO.

"If you're a carpenter, you might have a page called "Carpentry Services," but do you have a page called fitted furniture, or garden decking or roofing services? When people do a Google search for these terms the pages you have may not show up all, because they are not optimised correctly, That's Service Page SEO."

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In this post we are going to use a current client as an example of Service Page SEO, a website I am working on right now, Your Soul Space, in Solihull, Birmingham, UK. This website is a perfect example of the type of business I described above, because they offer a wide range of holistic therapy treatments, and these will be our service pages. But first, we need to understand a little about the overall SEO plan for a website like this…

    • the homepage doesn’t target a search term at all, it targets the business name, Your Soul Space.” For successful websites, a lot of visitors will have googled the business name, and this is where they will land.
    • Next there is an index type page featuring all of the available treatments, this page targets the search term “holistic therapy treatments.”
    • The third tier of keyword targeting are the service pages, in this case the treatments. Your Soul Space has more than 10 of these including, “Reflexology,” “Hot Stone Massage” and “Angelic Reiki.” 

Once the pages are in place it’s time to optimise these page for the search term they target. I have a secret weapon (well maybe not that secret, but it is a powerful weapon), I call it the question and answer format. Think of all the questions that your clients have asked you about your services, and use your answers for the written content of each page. This works for two reasons; first, the visitors to your website will love this, all of the questions they have will be answered. Second, Google loves it to. A page packed with information on a topic will rank much better than a page with a few images and a contact form.

Service Page SEO Checklist

Here’s one of the Your Soul Space pages. At the top we have a large image, and a brief description of the service. When people land on the page we need them to know they’re in the right space. Next, a contact section. You don’t want your customers having to look around too much for contact info.

Then we are into the question and answer format. We have 4 questions on this page; “What is Reflexology?” “What are the benefits of Reflexology?” “What happens during a Reflexology appointment?” and “How will I feel after a Reflexology appointment?” These questions are, of course, dependent on your business; other questions could be, “How long x service take?” or “How much does service x cost?” Once this process is complete it’s time to refine the Service Page SEO…

Rank Math SEO

When it come to optimising your page, you are not alone. There are so many tools out there that will help you to optimise your web pages that we could spend the next hour talking about them, but I will recommend 1, Rank Math SEO. Among other things, this WordPress plugin gives you a checklist for all of your posts and pages; green ticks on the list = better optimisation, better rankings.

There’s a lot more to SEO than this this, but here are some of the basics. Use your keyword (in this example “Reflexology”) in; SEO Title, Meta Description, page URL, the first 10% of the content, 1 or more Headings, image alt. attributes, and evenly throughout the content at a density of 1-2%. And remember, only use a target keyword once on site, don’t target the same search results twice.

Service Page SEO Recap & More Examples

I started in SEO, not web design. I find the disconnect between to two fields hard to understand. When I approach a new project, with a new client, the first questions I ask myself are related to what people search for, not how the website will look, that comes much later. In that sense I am a developer before I am a designer. But what’s the point in designing beautiful web pages that nobody will ever see? I look at the business, make a list of the services they provide, and then head over to Google to start searching for these terms, in the area the business is located. Let’s look at a few examples. 

Carpentry Service Business

Using the same principles as we outlined for a holistic therapy business, this is a simplified version of the website structure for a carpentry service business.

In this example, the business offers 3 distinct services; “”Fitted Kitchens,” “Fitted Furniture” and “1st & 2nd fix Carpentry.” There is also a page above this in the menu structure for “Carpentry Services.” In another post I will go into more detail on the third level of SEO I’ve introduced in this diagram, the blog. If you read the titles of these posts, “Oak Fitted Furniture in Roscommon,” for example, you’ll see that we are targeting more keywords, and introducing location. Over time, as a business like this works in more and more places, these jobs can generate posts targeting these locations, and these posts will rank in these locations specifically.

This approach would work for virtually every type of small service provider; a Decorating company, “Interior Decorating,” “Exterior Decorating,” “Commercial Painting Services,” and “Wallpapering.” I have implemented this strategy for a number of decorating businesses with great success. I’m there are businesses saying, “I only provide 1 service, what do I do?” I’m yet to come across a business that couldn’t divide up what they do into 4 or 5 target keywords, with a little thought.

As I said above, we’ll look at this next level of targeting, using blog posts and locations to gain exposure to even more customers in another post, but I think for today we’ll leave it there, it’s a lot to think about, I know. In short, Service Page SEO starts with some thinking, then structure your website so that as many bases are covered as possible. And finally optimising your pages so that you rank for the search terms that matter to your business. 

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