SEO Copywriting Services

SEO Copywriting Services, the number 1 difficulty that all business owners face is creating content for their website. Nevertheless, it is the most important factor; for rankings, for growing your website’s traffic and ultimately growing your business. It’s the question we are asked most by our web design and SEO clients, “can you write the text for that page?” Well the answer is YES !! At FutureProof Digital we provide a full range of SEO Copywriting Services, for every type of business. From small local services to national E-Commerce brand, we have the SEO knowledge, the writing skills and professional software to this job right. On budget, and on time… every time.

SEO Copywriting Services

What are SEO Copywriting Services?

SEO Copywriting Services can mean different things to different clients. Because each business is different the type of content writing they each require is different. A local service business will need text to describe what they do and secure new business. A hotel or restaurant needs inspiring text copy, visualizing luxury and brand ethos. An E-Commerce website needs product descriptions that are unique, that rank for branded search terms and keywords.

The SEO Copywriting Services we provide are different in a number of key respects. The combination of human and machine produces results that are not only engaging to read, but rank for the terms they target. It’s faster, done in a fraction of the traditional time, which means it’s a lot cheaper too. We use AI writing software, and SEO software, to generate content in a fraction of the time… but there is a human at both ends of the process. The input material and proofreading is where the magic happens.

The AI software is not plagiarizing text, as it did in the past, it’s learning. As of April 2022 it has read more than 10% of the entire web, and that number goes up every day. You are reading AI generated content every time you surf the web, but now it’s impossible to tell a human from a machine.

Google Rankings are what matter, if nobody ever gets to read your content, it doesn’t matter how well it’s written. That’s why we deliver content that’s optimized for the search terms and keywords that matter to your business. We research the competition and what they rank for, we research the heading and text that already rank, and with this information we have the skills and experience to create grade A content, no matter what the topic is. Keep reading to learn more about SEO Copywriting Services…

SEO Copywriting Services

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SEO Copywriting Services can be put into a number of categories, depending on the type of business you run, the type of products you sell, or even your location. But what business owners want is content to fill their webpages, content that tells their story, content that sells their products and services. We need to speak in your voice, we need to understand what your customers are looking for, and that’s what we deliver.

How do we do this? Because the time consuming leg work of content creation is being done by AI, that frees up our time for what matters; keyword research, content and competitor analysis, on-page and off-page SEO. When you don’t have to spend 80% of the time writing “by hand” the quality and value for money goes up and the price goes down. It’s the 20% at the top that really makes your content sparkle, and that’s where we spend the time, and that’s what sets FutureProof Digital SEO Copywriting Services apart.