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FutureProof Digital provides SEO Services to each and every client we work with. Even when we work in a web design capacity for a small, local business, Google rankings are at the first priority. Having a beautiful website means nothing if your customers can’t find it. That’s what SEO services do, make your website visible to the world. If you already have a website but you’re not getting the web traffic you need, then search engine optimization is the place to start, and we’re here to help you start.

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We take pride in each and every contract we deliver here at FutureProof Digital; small web design projects, large web development contracts or regular SEO clients that we have worked with for many years. Below are listed, just some of our clients, past and present. To view our entire portfolio please click here…

SEO is where it all began at FutureProof Digital, even before web design, more than 10 years ago. We took a small, local business, from working in and around Roscommon, to working on large, high value contracts in Dublin and Belfast. We did this using tried and tested SEO solutions, tactics that we still use today, because they work. SEO is hard work, it takes time and effort, but the rewards are huge for you and your business. SEO growth is organic business growth, not a quick windfall that will fade over time.

The SEO services we provide are different for every business, because every business is different. Mostly we deliver local SEO services to businesses looking for higher rankings in their town or city, because that’s where their customers are. Most SEO service providers are secretive about what they do, we don’t like this approach. The tabs below detail the SEO tactics we employ and what can be achieved in the short, medium and long term. In 2022, Search Engine Optimization should be part of your marketing strategy, hand in hand with your long term business goals and objectives.

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I highly recommend Adam at FutureProof Digital, he has done a great job on my website, he understood my needs and absolutely worked around my requirements, and thank you for the amazing on for all the local business Very generous.

SEO Services

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In simple terms, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a catch-all term to describe the tactics used to improve the visibility of your business (a website) in the search results. By visibility, we are mostly referring to Google rankings, but there are other ways to improve visibility, local SEO for example (see tab below). If you are a plumber in Roscommon for example, it’s hugely important to your business that when someone searches for “plumber in roscommon” that they see your website in the results, preferably right at the top. Achieving this, that’s SEO, because there’s no luck involved, it doesn’t happen by chance.

SEO services provided may produce excellent results to one business, and be a complete disaster for another, because there are so many factors outside of your control, most notably, the competition. That’s why we perform competitor analysis before we do anything else, you need to know what they rank for. Next, an SEO audit of your website, to find out what you’re doing right, and more importantly, what you’re getting wrong. This SEO report identifies the keywords and search terms you need to rank for, and whether you do rank for them or not. 

Then it’s time to get to work, optimising the website content you have, and creating the content you need. We do this in order of priority; how important is the keyword to your business goals, how difficult is it to rank for, how long will the SEO copywriting take etc. This requires extensive keyword research in some cases. As part of our SEO Services contract we include professional software for this, including Moz Pro, click here to learn more…