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How much does it cost to SEO your website?

How much does it cost to SEO your website? You can learn to implement an SEO strategy yourself; this will take time, but then it’s free. If you choose to outsource SEO to an expert freelancer or SEO agency, then you can expect your SEO costs to be anywhere from €500 per month for a very small business, or start-up SME, rising to €10,000 per month or more for a national brand. SEO can also be priced by hourly rates or project based. Hourly rates in Ireland range from €50 – €200 per hour. A project is difficult to price, but for example we charge approx. €165 for a single piece of optimised content.

How do I estimate the price of SEO?

The price of SEO depends as much on who you choose to work with as it does the work that needs doing. A freelancer, small agency or recent graduate will have low costs, and they may also have less experience. This may be perfect for small or local businesses where results are easier to achieve. Don’t expect to employ a large agency with 25 employees and 20 years experience for €500 per month, when that isn’t the level of expertise you need.

Think about how many years of experience they have. Do they have high end clients? Do they have an office or do they work from home? How many employees do they have? Do they have an expertise in your industry and how competitive is that industry? Do you require monthly SEO, an odd hour here and there, or a single SEO project?

SEO can be more expensive for some businesses. You do need a fast, user-friendly website. If your website is dated or slow and needs updating, then the cost of SEO for your website might be higher, and it might make sense to work on improving your website first. For example, our website redesigns come with 100’s of basic SEO features as standard. This could be a better fit for you, your budget and your business.

At FutureProof Digital our focus is very much on small businesses, local service providers and start-ups, and we specialise in SEO Services for these types of businesses. Our prices are very much towards the lower end of the number quoted above and include SEO Audit, on-page SEO, Technical SEO and content marketing. If you are looking to improve your Google rankings, increase sales and grow your business click here and we’ll get started…

How much does it cost to SEO your website?


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