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What is Holistic SEO?

There are literally hundreds of individual SEO tactics. There are SEO agencies that specialise in a single strategy; Technical SEO, or link building for example. But the demands of modern search results require a more comprehensive approach that optimises every aspect of your online presence. We’ve started calling this comprehensive approach Holistic SEO.

Holistic SEO isn’t just about keywords, or backlinks, or site speed; it’s a broader view of your entire digital footprint, even outside of your website. Everything you do online is interconnected, all various elements that contribute to your website’s visibility in search results, so to focus solely on one strategy makes no sense. Holistic SEO includes user experience, as well as relevance and authority of your content.

It’s become clear that in recent years Google has been moving towards this way of thinking also; E-E-A-T and the helpful content update for example. Google launched the helpful content update in 2022. A large algorithm update that targets…  

“…content that seems to have been primarily created for ranking well in search engines rather than to help or inform people.”

Why Holistic SEO Matters for SMEs

Small businesses are in a dog fight, with their competition, and with Google. Holistic SEO can give you a strategic advantage because it covers every base, every aspect of your digital presence, with the end goal; attract and retain customers. 

Improved User Experience

First, make your customers happy. A well-optimised website loads quickly, it’s easy to navigate, and it provides the information the user is looking for, so they stay longer and return, when they need you again. We’ve learned recently that Google uses behaviour data in the algorithm, so metrics like “time-on-page” “scroll depth” and bounce rate all matter more than ever.

Long-Term Sustainability

People still think of SEO as a bunch of quick-fix strategies, Holistic SEO is the number one driver of long-term sustainability. Building a strong foundation and a mindset of continuous content and authority improvement, achieving consistent traffic growth over time, not over night.

Marketing Integration

Holistic SEO takes a macro view, and “should” integrate seamlessly with your other marketing strategies, online and offline; social media, email marketing, PPC newspaper ads. This synergy amplifies the impact of each strategy, your brand and your message across channels.

What is Holistic SEO

Take everything you know about SEO and add a couple more; content marketing and UX design. Holistic SEO isn’t just about getting people to visit your site, it’s about making them happy when they get there. Let’s take a closer look… 

Technical SEO

First things first, technical SEO is the foundation of your website’s performance in the search. Site speed and mobile responsiveness, crawlability, discoverability and indexation. If your website is technically sound it lays the groundwork for every other strategy, if not nothing else you do will work.

On-Page SEO

Good old fashioned keyword optimisation, on-Page SEO works at a page level to improve rankings. Like Technical SEO above, it’s about getting the basics right; writing high quality and relevant content, optimising that content with words and phrases people search for, improving meta tags and headings. Each page should serve a specific purpose, and search intent.

Link Building

Link building has been a big part of SEO from the very beginning, and it’s a talent all on its own, similar PR. In a holistic context, links are digital PR, building your site’s authority and reputation through techniques such as link building. A backlink profile that places you as an authority in your space, ie. links from reputable sources, can hugely enhance your visibility.

Content Marketing

Content is where Holistic SEO takes over from traditional SEO. High-quality, targeted content attracts visitors and keeps them engaged, even if they’re not customers today, there’s a good chance they will be in the future. Answer people’s questions related to your business, place yourself as the go-to expert in your field, and before long you won’t need advertising, customers will be queuing up at your door.

UX Design & CRO

Never included in SEO before, user experience and conversion rate optimization turn visitors into customers. These fields were reserved for web developers in the past, but are increasingly moving into the worlds of marketing and SEO. In fact, we now include a section on UX and CRO in all our SEO Audits, that’s how important it is.

A Holistic SEO Strategy

Holistic SEO is a mindset, an attitude, and approach to search marketing that takes everything into account, every ranking factor yes, but also user behaviour, their needs, not just sell sell sell. It’s not about throwing traditional SEO out, because it still works, it’s about adding new techniques, taking what we know about the algorithm and incorporating that into our strategy.

This describes exactly our approach to small business SEO. If you like the idea of content marketing, UX and CRO, as well as traditional strategies get in touch and we’ll book a call or a free strategy session, even a coffee meeting

What is Holistic SEO?


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