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Is your website struggling to deliver the results that your business needs? Are you working hard every day to bring in new clients and make sales, when your website should be doing the work. SEO is not just for large corporations, every business can access the knowledge and skills they need to dominate the search results. Small Business SEO focuses on the strategies you need, and cuts the ones you don’t. We’ve been working with small businesses just like yours for almost 20 years, get in touch and we’ll talk about what your website needs.

Discover the power of a Holistic SEO approach & grow your business with a trusted local business partner in your corner, with help and expertise you need.

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Do I need SEO ?

Every business and every website needs SEO, the difference between businesses is what type and how much. Before we answer those questions, first we need to learn everything there is to know about your business. Don’t sign a contract with us, or anyone, before they tell what you need and what it’s going to cost.

The first step is for us to run a full SEO audit on your website. It’s extensive and detailed; On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO (including backlinks), Local SEO, Technical SEO, and Content Quality. We also start on your content marketing strategy. It’s everything your website needs to grow in the future. More SEO Audit info…

This industry leading analysis and report, designed specifically for SMEs might cost many thousands at some agencies, the FutureProof Digital SEO Audit costs just €450. We tell you what you need, we tell you how much it’s going to cost and we take it from there… no contract first.

Online visibility is so important these days, but competition has never been higher. Your business needs an effective strategy that boosts your digital presence and drives targeted traffic to your website. At FutureProof Digital we understand small business, and we understand the search results. We can take your website to its full potential and deliver real results. Every small business is unique, and while you focus on delivering an exceptional service to your customers, we focus on your digital footprint; growing your reach, expanding your impact and driving sales.

SEO can be daunting, but in the right hands, it’s a powerful tool, positioning your business right where it needs to be: at the top of your target search results. Our Small Business SEO Services are designed to demystify the process and arm you with the knowledge you need. We deliver tailored strategies, specific to your business needs, ensuring optimal visibility, organic growth and sustainable sales increases.

“To say we are delighted with the work is an understatement. From designing a logo, building a website, online booking system, social media campaign, and of course SEO, we got the full package. They are dedicated, creative and supportive throughout the process. Everything is designed with the client in mind at all times, creating video user guides for training. We are delighted they have agreed to stay with us for our website updates, social media and more, for another year…”

Wanderly Wagon, Galway

Why Choose FutureProof Digital SEO ?

Free Strategy Session

30 minutes, on the phone or Zoom, for us to learn about your business, where you are now, and where you’d like to be in a year, and 5 years time. We need this session to correctly analyse your current SEO, plan your future strategy and for us to answer your questions about what we do.

Website SEO Audit

We pride ourselves on running one of the best SEO Audits in the business. A 25+ page document covering On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Content Analysis & Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis and comprehensive, practical recommendations. We cover every aspect of your digital presence.

SEO Strategy

Included as part of the SEO Audit, we develop a custom SEO Strategy for your business, tailored to your specific requirements, the expected results and your stage of business development. It is broken down into 1, 2, 6 and 12 month timeframes, so you know exactly what you can expect from us each month.

Keyword Research

What you rank for now and what you should be ranking for in 12 and 24 months. The buzzwords in SEO and content marketing right now, more than any other rankings factors or tactics, are topical authority and keyword clustering. These concepts will form the basis of this review, and the plan.

Competitor Analysis

Using the best SEO software on the market, and our own manual techniques, we deep-drive on your competition, both locally and your national/search competition. We look at what they rank for, what they do really well, and most importantly, what they don’t, because that’s where the gaps are.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is hugely important for all business websites. It covers crawlability and indexation, as well as mobile usability and site speed. These are often the first jobs included in our recommendations, and the first to be done. Technical issue fixes can have a dramatic effect on rankings… fast !!

On-Page SEO

After analysing the site, “ideas” for improvement are listed, and a to-do list is generated, based on the difference it might make to the quality and ranking of the page, as well as the traffic potential. These could be simple changes to headings for example, or full content or keyword changes.

Content & Copy

Copywriting is not just about improving your SEO strategy. Your website’s copy is also about engaging your audience and persuading them to take action, whether you want your visitors to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter. Content is what we do best here at FutureProof Digital.

Title & Meta Tags

Title tags and meta descriptions enhance your website’s visibility. Our approach ensures that every element aligns with your brand messaging and is optimised for relevant keywords. Meta data tells Google what your page is about and gives searchers info on what they can expect from your content.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are really important. So many websites ignore them altogether or simply copy and paste the description from the manufacturers site. We write unique and compelling product descriptions that rank well in the search results and give customers all the information they need.

Link Building

Link building isn’t really a priority for small businesses, because great content is often enough to get the job done. But, you should always be listed in business directories, be linked to by local websites and if you’re in a highly competitive market a full link building strategy may be required.

Analytics & Reporting

How do you know if all the time, effort and investment is paying off? Each month we send you an open, transparent and comprehensive report that explains everything we’ve been for you and our performance. Traffic, rankings and SEO progress are all covered in an easily digestible way.

Do customers trust your business?

Our Commitment to You

We believe in fairness and transparency here at FutureProof Digital, so we promise every SEO client we will only work with one business competing in the same market. This might be the same town, or it might mean competing for the same niche keywords, but we won’t do it, it’s a conflict of interest.

We also promise to never sign you up for a long term contract. You decide, each month, if you want to keep working with us; no ifs, no buts. We perform our SEO Audit, we give you detailed recommendations, clear pricing, and realistic timescales, then you choose what works for you and your business.

Small Business Website Starter Kit. Small Business Web Design

Small Business SEO

SEO, like great web design, should not be the preserve of large businesses and multinational corporations. Everything we do, if it’s web design, copywriting or even The FutureProof Blog, the focus is always small businesses, the people that run them and what they need from digital marketing. 

That’s why we work predominately with WordPress, and why or SEO is about generating the highest rankings, traffic gains and customer conversions for our clients. Local SEO, and especially your Google Business Profile play a huge role in delivering results, but also in-depth keyword research, excellent content creation and industry leading copywriting.

How to Perform an SEO Audit - The Complete Small Business SEO Guide

The FutureProof SEO Audit

Every new SEO client here at FutureProof Digital starts their journey with our comprehensive SEO Audit (ask serious questions if your current provider doesn’t do this).

The FutureProof Digital SEO Audit is the best health check your website will ever get. A 25+ page examination of every element that contributes to your performance in the search results. On-Page SEO, Backlinks, Technical SEO, and Content Quality.

Done the right way, an SEO audit is every insight and data point you will ever need; how well does your website align with the search engine algorithms, does it meet user expectations, and will it drive customers to your business.

Copywriting for Local Businesses. Local SEO

Local SEO

Small businesses are very often local businesses, and they need a different type of SEO from larger, national businesses. Local SEO focuses on the search results page customers see when they search for goods and services in their local area. This includes local search terms, directory listing management and Google Business Profile optimisation.

Local SEO is the cornerstone of every small business’s digital strategy. At FutureProof Digital, we understand Local SEO, and the need for your business to be visible in your local area. Everything we do is designed to enhance your local presence, through local optimization of your website, growing your rankings in the local search results. This increased visibility drives more traffic to your website and boosts foot traffic.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business, is an essential tool these days, allowing businesses to display their information directly on the search results page; and what’s even better, it’s completely free !! We analyse and optimise your profile as part of every SEO plan.

GBP is often the first point of contact between you and potential customers, it needs to accurately reflect your brand, your services and your location. You need product and service descriptions, high-quality images, and 5 star customer reviews to showcase what your business does best. Google Business Profile improves your chances of appearing in local search results and Google Maps, where customers find you and choose your business instead of the competition.

learn more about Google Business Profile…

E-Commerce Websites - FutureProof Digital

E-Commerce SEO

If you run a shop, online or offline, E-commerce SEO is what you need, especially small businesses competing in a competitive marketplace. Small Businesses have unique challenges and opportunities in E-Commerce, that’s why our approach to E-commerce SEO is tailored for each client, to increase website visibility, drive organic traffic, and boost sales.

In-depth keyword research identifies high-value search terms relevant to your products, and your target customer. Optimization of product pages, category pages, and other key elements of your site improves your rankings for the products, ranges and brands you sell. Technical SEO best practices improve site speed, mobile-friendliness, and user experience. Watch your sales figures grow.

FutureProof Digital Small Business Website Starter Kit

New Website SEO

Launching a new website is an exciting time for every small business, but you need an effective SEO strategy in place from day one, or it can be challenging to gain the traction and visibility you need. We specialise in providing comprehensive SEO services tailored specifically for new websites. We are designing and launching websites every day, this is what we do.

New Website SEO begins with a thorough analysis of your business goals, target audience, and your industry. We work closely with you to understand your unique value and develop a customised SEO strategy to drive traffic and generate leads from day one. Keyword research and on-page optimization, technical SEO and link building, we implement what you need, when you need it, all within a pricing structure designed for SMEs.

The FutureProof Digital SEO Process

We follow a tried-and-tested process for every SEO client we work with. A formula that works across almost every industry, from small tradespeople like carpenters, to beauty salons, to E-Commerce stores. At every stage we consult with you on what we’re doing and why; there is a secret sauce… but the difference is, we share the recipe with you !!

learn about your business

We dive deep into understanding your business, its unique offerings, and target audience. This helps us tailor our SEO strategies to align with your goals, ensuring maximum relevance and effectiveness.

analyse your digital presence

A comprehensive analysis of your current digital footprint comes next, this is our SEO Audit; identifying what you do well, and what you could do better. This analysis serves as a roadmap for the SEO campaign.

analyse your competitors

By analysing your competitor’s digital strategy, we learn about industry trends, as well as areas of competitive advantage and opportunities for your business. We can then refine our approach.

research your keywords

Keyword research is probably the most important stage. We identify the words, terms and phrases your customers use to find businesses like yours, and the topics they want to learn about. Relevancy and value.

develop SEO Strategy

Based on this research and analysis, we develop a customised SEO strategy tailored specifically for your business. This strategy describes exactly what we do to achieve your goals and drive results.

fix technical issues

Addressing any technical issues on your website comes first, you need optimal performance and user experience in place. By fixing technical issues, we improve site functionality, speed, and performance.

optimise existing content

Then we optimise the content you have on your website already; aligned with targeted keywords and improving search visibility. This optimization improves the relevance and quality of your content.

develop content plan

A well-crafted plan is a must have, for consistent content delivery, and keyword targeting. Our content plan outlines topics, formats, and publishing schedules, keeping your strategy on track.

write new content

We write and publish fresh, engaging content that your customers love and drive organic traffic to your website. We craft high-quality content, optimised for search engines in your brand voice and message.

measure + report

We track all of your metrics and provide regular, transparent reporting on the effectiveness of our SEO strategy. This data-driven approach allows us to gauge progress and identify required improvements.

adjust + optimise

Based on this reporting we continuously optimise what we do. That might be targeting new keywords, it might be using different formats, whatever needs doing we do, month after month.
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Learn More About Small Business SEO

Our clients, in large part small business owners, ask me almost every day… “how long does SEO take to show results?” The timeline for results can vary based on a number of factors, and they’re different for every business. If you have technical SEO issues for example, you could see excellent results in just a month or two, but if you’re in a crowded marketplace, where keyword competition is high and content quality or topical authority is your issue, then six or twelve months would be more realistic. 

learn more about SEO timescales…

If you choose to outsource SEO to an expert freelancer or SEO agency, then you can expect your SEO costs to be anywhere from €500 per month for a very small business, or start-up SME, rising to €10,000 per month or more for a national brand. Our SEO contracts start at €375 per month, with substantial discounts available for long term bookings. Our SEO Audit costs €450.

SEO can also be priced by hourly rates or project based. Hourly rates in Ireland range from €50 – €200 per hour. A project is difficult to price, but for example we charge approx. €165 for a single piece of optimised content.

Learn more about SEO pricing…

Our SEO contracts are exactly what you want them to be. They can be 1 month rolling contracts but we do offer 2 months free for every 12 month booking, and this also comes with a free hosting package. 12 months is an industry standard measure of SEO success, but we won’t tie any client to this contract unless they choose to.

We use a variety of software to measure what we do, and you get all of them, we keep nothing secret. You’ll get reports on traffic, users and conversion, as well ranking reports, that’s what we’re all here for, right? Each month, the reports we run as part of your SEO Audit are rerun, click here to learn about this…

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