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Web Design in Castlerea Screen Mock-up
Web Design
Adam Bermingham

Web Design in Castlerea 2021

It’s been a tough year, I think we can all agree, but for me, it’s been an extremely busy year for Web Design in Castlerea. In March 2020, Ireland went into lockdown, and the vast majority of businesses closed, without knowing when they would reopen. My business, like most others, was hugely effected, but I tried to be as positive as I could. I wanted to contribute in some way, and with my background and skill set, web design is how I could help the business community the most. I offered my services completely free of charge to any business in my local town of Castlerea, including web design, SEO, social media, domain names and hosting. Below are just some of the businesses I worked and what we created.

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Starting a Small Business - Your Digital To-Do-List
Business & Marketing
Adam Bermingham

Starting a Small Business? Your Digital To-Do-List

So you’ve decided to go for it. First up, congratulations! You’ve taken a massive step, a big high five for being brave and starting a small business. But now the hard work starts. Make a list of every item covered in this post that applies to your business (most will apply to every business). When you have ticked them all off your new business will be ready to take on the competition in the battle for rankings, likes, shares and ultimately customers.

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