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E-Commerce Websites for Online Stores & Local Shops. Every type of business that sells, or wants to sell, online. If business has learned anything from Covid-19 it’s that their website is of vital importance, especially if you are in the retail sector.

In 2021, every business needs to be online. And if you are selling a product, or multiple products then an E-Commerce Website is a must. For many local shops or high street stores an E-Commerce Website can feel a little overwhelming; At FutureProof Digital we take care of everything, leaving you to do what you best… running your business.

The E-Commerce Websites built here at FutureProof use WordPress. It’s the number one Content Management System on the web. With the addition of WooCommerce software, WordPress is the fastest way to get your products selling online.

Think of WordPress as a blank canvas, we can create anything you can image. Many of the internet’s most famous, and visually striking websites are built using WordPress.

In addition, the user friendly WordPress interface means that once you’re ready to start managing the site yourself it’s easy.

E-Commerce Websites - FutureProof Digital

This is how Service Websites work...

To add E-Commerce functionality to the basic WordPress we use another internet favourite. An excellent piece of software called WooCommerce.

It turns any and every website into an online store, selling your products even while you sleep. Image Galleries, Dynamic Pricing, Shipping, Payments, Product Attributes and Variables all handled with ease.

One of the aspects of building E-Commerce Websites that business owners find most daunting is accepting payments. We take all the stress out of this process, using the most reliable and secure Payment Gateway Providers.

PayPal is the worlds most popular online payment solution. It’s the most popular because it’s so easy to use. We install PayPal on your website, and set up your PayPal merchant account for you. Your money is transferred direct into your new or existing PayPal account.

Stripe processes card payments directly, on your website. We set everything up for you and your payments are lodged into your bank account automatically. The best E-Commerce Websites are selling your products while you sleep.

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It doesn’t matter what you selling or where you are selling it, FutureProof Digital provide the perfect fit E-Commerce solution.

Snappit.co.za offer customized office and business supplies, as well as electrical goods, in the South African Market. We completed an end-to-end service for this client. Domain Name, Hosting Plan, full design and build, software installation, product creation, copy writing, Google Properties, email marketing and Social Media.

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E-Commerce Websites are not like other sites. They require more skill and expertise to design and extra time and effort to build. If you are launching an online clothing brand, if you make crafts or artwork and you want to sell what you do online, if you are a local gift shop that wants to expand sales then FutureProof Digital E-Commerce Websites are everything you need… and more.

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If you run a business and you need a website (pro tip = you do) or your current website doesn’t look the way you want it to, function the way it should or perform how you need it to, get in touch. I don’t charge a penny for consultation, so finding out about what your business needs and what can be achieved for your budget is completely free. Use this form… we can meet in person, have a phone or Skype call or use email, it’s up to you.