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Running for public office, connecting with your constituency and appealing to voters is changing… has changed. Political Websites are increasingly part of the Irish election campaign.

The days of large posters, leaflets and door-to-door canvasing will soon be in the past. This applies as much to local or city council as it does to the Dail, the Senate or even the Presidency.

Voters are hitting the internet to find out about the candidates. They expect to see Facebook posts discussing the issues that matter to them. They want to read emails about policy positions, but above all, they need to find a website about you when they search.

FutureProof Digital will look after every aspect of your online campaign.

The websites built here at FutureProof use WordPress. It’s the number one Content Management System on the web.

Think of WordPress as a blank canvas, we can create anything you can image. Many of the internet’s most famous, and visually striking websites are built using WordPress.

In addition, the user friendly WordPress interface means that once you’re ready to start managing the site yourself it’s easy.

Political Websites - FutureProof Digital

This is how Political Websites work...

The Home Page is for big ideas and banners. The Carly Bailey Home Page (a recent client here at Futureproof Digital) features large, mostly professional shots and headline quotes as well as policy and issue highlights. There are videos featuring Carly and a large endorsement from one of the party leaders. There are lots of links, the vast majority of these lead to posts.

Blog posts are the bread and butter of a Political Website. They are your online speeches and a forum where the public can interact with you directly. In an ideal world every news story would generate a post, but in the beginning concentrate on the pillar issues and policy positions. At FutureProof Digital many of these jobs are taken care of for you, no candidate can win an election alone.

There are other pages. A Contact Page is vital, as well as a page to accept donation (or prominent links to an external donation portal. In this case the main Social Democrat site). But the nuts and bolts of Political Websites are the Home Page and Blog Posts, they are the fuel. These posts are what you use to promote yourself, your party and what you stand for on social media and in email marketing campaigns. And over time they will generate conventional media attention, gaining exposure on TV and in print.

Political Social Media

In addition to building your new website we can also design and implement a promotional social media campaign in the run up to an election. At the time it matters most and every euro spent means votes!!

It’s not about being all things to all people, it’s about tailoring your message to each voter. This is what you do on the doorsteps already. Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 25 will be concerned about student fees. A business owner is concerned with rates, corporation tax and staffing costs; we can appeal them, generating copy and images specifically designed to engage them.

If your campaign was a business, selling a product, that product is a vision, change, a better future. The issues that matter to one person may not matter to another, the product is what they want from you, their representative. This is what a well designed social media campaign can deliver, and it can deliver votes.

*To avoid conflict of interest we only work with 6 candidates at any one time, or in any election year. In addition we will only work with a single candidate in any one constituency or electoral ward. As a result places are limited so book your package with FutureProof Digital as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading about Political Websites @ FutureProof

If you running in an election, any election, and you need a website (pro tip = you do) or your current website doesn’t look the way you want it to, function the way it should or perform how you need it to, get in touch. I don’t charge a penny for consultation, so finding out about what your campaign needs and what can be achieved for your budget is completely free. Use this form… we can meet in person, have a phone or Skype call or use email, it’s up to you.