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The modern Irish homeowner will need to employ any number of tradespeople and service providers over the years. In the past they might ask around in their locality or sift through the Golden Pages.

Today, everything has changed, the Golden Pages is no longer delivered door-to-door. The decorators, carpenters, building contractors, even plumbers or electricians of 2019 must have a website and social media profiles; their customers need to find them online!!

At FutureProof Digital we are specialists in the design and implementation of Service Websites. We create visually striking, fast, responsive sites that rank for local, descriptive search terms that your customers are using every day. We take care of everything, leaving you to do what you best… running your business.

The websites built here at FutureProof use WordPress. It’s the number one Content Management System on the web.

Think of WordPress as a blank canvas, we can create anything you can image. Many of the internet’s most famous, and visually striking websites are built using WordPress.

In addition, the user friendly WordPress interface means that once you’re ready to start managing the site yourself it’s easy.

Service Websites - FutureProof Digital

This is how Service Websites work...

There are 2 basic tasks that Service Websites must complete whenever a potential customer clicks on your search listing. First, showcase your work. Your best images of your best work; tell your story and give customers every reason to choose you and not the competition.

Second the website must be easy to navigate, getting in touch to get get a quote or ask question should never be out of eye-shot; email, phone number, social media, contact buttons.

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If you run a business and you need a website (pro tip = you do) or your current website doesn’t look the way you want it to, function the way it should or perform how you need it to, get in touch. I don’t charge a penny for consultation, so finding out about what your business needs and what can be achieved for your budget is completely free. Use this form… we can meet in person, have a phone or Skype call or use email, it’s up to you.