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FutureProof Digital has just finished building your new website… what’s next?  Social Media, Search Engine Optimization Domain & Hosting Management, Google & Facebook Advertising, Maps Listing. We can take care of everything for you.

Keeping on top of workload, when you run a small or medium sized business, can be difficult and stressful. We’ve learned that when we hand over the keys to a new website many business owners can feel a little overwhelmed. No fear, we can take care of every aspect for you. Freeing up your time to do what you do best… run your business.

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When your website is live we use WordPress to manage your website. Adding new content is fast and simple.

If your website is an online store, selling products then we would have used WooCommerce to build it.  We use WooCommerce to manage your E-Commerce website; adding new products, taking payments, sending customer emails.

The websites built here at FutureProof use WordPress. It’s the number one Content Management System on the web.

Think of WordPress as a blank canvas, we can create anything you can image. Many of the internet’s most famous, and visually striking websites are built using WordPress.

In addition, the user friendly WordPress interface means that once you’re ready to start managing the site yourself it’s easy.

Web Management at FutureProof Digital...

Do you know what people people type into the search bar when they are looking for a business like your’s?

Do you have a list a keywords and search terms that bring customers to your door?

What position in the rankings do you hold for these terms and in what locations?

Do you have a good idea of how the websites of your competition perform?

Having a great website is only half (maybe less) of the battle. It has to rank on Page 1 of a Google Search for the term that matter to your business. And increasingly it’s the top 2-3 results hoovering up all the clicks.

If you are a builder in Roscommon you need to be at the top of the search results page for the term “builder in roscommon.”  To do this you need Search Engine Optimization.

Working with FutureProof Digital is like employing a part time member of staff, who works from home and delivers results month after month. Our SEO package is based on us providing a minimum of 10 high quality hours of content, code and analysis per month.

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“A reliable and fast hosting service, solutions that make your sites run faster, stay safe and ensure that your management experience is smooth.”

The hosting provider recommended by – the most popular, community-driven site-building software worldwide.

Just like you, looking for the best service provider for your web design and web management, at FutureProof Digital we only use the best. 

On day one, we buy your domain name from Hosting Ireland and we your first year of hosting with SiteGround.

Social Media is a vital component of your businesses online marketing mix. 

We work with all platforms but our main focus, especially for small business and mobile businesses in the service sector, is Facebook.

We can set up your profile, inviting new and existing customers to interact with your page. We can implement best practices, so you get the most from your Facebook Page. 

But most importantly you will learn how to post, what to post and when to post. You’ll be running things yourself in no time. 

In the past it was easy. Design a Facebook Page, advertise the Like button for a few cents and your posts would be shown to those people for free. This was when Facebook launched business pages, it’s not like that today, it’s not like that at all.

This is the state of play on Facebook today. Organic reach for your posts is in the past. Unless you create something truly special that will be shared in a wide group, forget it !! It’s time for paid advertising. 

We take care of your Facebook Ads. campaign from start to finish. We design the ads and write the copy, optimize your images and target exactly the right people in the right locations.

Web Management @ FutureProof Digital
My Hand Painted Furniture Facebook Ad.

Especially in the early days of your online journey Pay Per Click advertising is a vital aspect of our Web Management package.

Search Engine Optimization is the only way to guarantee long term success but in the short term while traffic may be low PPC fills the gap.

It informs so many future decisions, adds vital keyword data and sends important click information to Google. Google needs to know how good your new website is.

We design, implement and manage your Google Ads campaign leaving you free to do what you do best… run your business.

In recent years 2 words, MOBILE and LOCAL, have taken hold of the digital marketing world.

If FutureProof Digital designed your website it is already responsive and mobile ready. With FutureProof at the wheel of your Web Management we can put this design to work for your business.

Next, concur the local listing with a optimised Google My Business account. Encourage your clients your review, it’s the number 1 ranking factor. 

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