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Having a great website is only half of the battle. It has to rank on Page 1 of a Google Search for the term that matter to your business.

Do you know what people people type into the search bar when they are looking for a business like your’s?

Do you have a list a keywords and search terms that bring customers to your door?

What position in the rankings do you hold for these terms and in what locations?

Do you have a good idea of how your the websites of your competition perform?

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Having a great website is only half (maybe less) of the battle. It has to rank on Page 1 of a Google Search for the term that matter to your business. And increasingly it’s the top 2-3 results hoovering up all the clicks.

If you are a builder in Roscommon you need to be at the top of the search results page for the term “builder in roscommon.”  To do this you need Search Engine Optimization.

This is how Search Engine Optimization works...

Working with FutureProof Digital is like employing a part time member of staff, who works from home and delivers results month after month. Our SEO package is based on us providing a minimum of 10 high quality hours of content, code and analysis per month.

There are so many small jobs that need to be kept on top of when it comes to managing a website. We take care of everything. Meta data is a prime example. URL, Page Titles, Descriptions and structured data; these are the elements that make up your search appearance, why searchers will click your result and not that of your competitor.

Search Engine Optimization is a wide ranging activity. But above all else, Content is highly important; does your web page resolve the intent of the searcher. If they search for “plumber in cork” does your web page provide them with all the information they need; the type of plumbing service you provide, the area you cover, prices, testimonials, hours etc. If you have pages that do the job already we optimise and maintain them, if you don’t we create them.

Every SEO project starts the same way… with a Website Audit, click here to learn more. We need to identify a number of things before we can start any type of content work. At the same time you don’t want to change up pages that are performing well.

There are 3 broad questions to answer…

What is the website hoping to accomplish and what does success mean?

Who are the people using and getting value from the products/services/information?

What motivates, inspires and interests your audience?

Every website needs to have a health check from time to time. A Website Review is a must for every small business.

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